Increase the Life of Your Android’s Power Button by 50%

power button

Android devices are known for its nasty power button issues, it starts with the power button responding slow and then graduates to the button not responding at all. The common fix is to get it repaired at the manufacturers repair center. Another solution is to use apps to replace locking and unlocking buttons (we will […]

2 Minutes + 2.5MB = A Secure PC & Browsing

secure lock

If you take a look at the number of rising online threats every day, you won’t dare go online without ensuring you are secure. Facebook & Twitter can all be the breeders of malicious link shares. When you click on any one of those malicious links, the consequences can be anything from a single pop […]

These Are All the Sites Where You MUST “Change Your Password” Right Now

lastpass logo

Following the news about Heartbleed Bug, Many of the affected/vulnerable sites have patched their systems and are asking their users to change their account passwords for extra safety. I will share a list of sites where you must change your password as well as a method to quickly generate new,secure and unique passwords for each […]

FAQ – Heartbleed Security Bug Makes ~66% of the Web Vulnerable


Keeping the blog post short, I will directly explain what the Heartbleed bug actually is and how it affects a wide range of websites on the internet. Also will uncover a tool that will test if a particular website is vulnerable or not and a list of currently vulnerable websites. SPOILER : is vulnerable […]

How to Hide or Block Advertisements in Skype

skype logo

Skype’s desktop application if filled with Ads making it an annoying sometimes. We don’t want to see ads between our contacts right? Here is a simple 10 second method to block ads in Skype. The best part is that you don’t even have to install any Ad blocking addon or software. Just a little tweak […]

How to Get Free License of Visual Studio Professional 2013 & More

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Microsoft offers a ton of discounts and freebies to support students. They had introduced this program long ago but recently started adding more and more worthy software kits for students. Their software catalog for students show a wide range of useful software suites such as the Visual Studio Professional edition, SQL Server versions and more. […]

56+ Websites Where You Should Enable 2 Factor Authentication Right Now

2 Factor Authentication

Recently Hold Security, a company that helps businesses stay secure online discovered a Blackmarket site selling 360million Emails and Passwords. The source of these credentials are unknown but that is a hell lot of sensitive information. And who knows, It might even contain your Email passwords. You don’t necessarily need to be attacked directly in […]

Beginners Guide to BitTorrent Sync – NSA Proof File Sharing

BitTorrent Sync

Recently I came across BitTorrent Sync, A File Sharing/File Syncing service by the very same creators of BitTorrent (well it was obvious from the name). The service is based on Peer to Peer file sharing, similar to how the original torrents work. Except in this case, your shared files can only be downloaded by select […]