Eliminate Pocket Dials and Accidental Unlocks on Rooted Android


Pocket dialing is a common annoyance with Smartphones. The main culprit being the touch screen on these phones and the accidental lockscreen unlocks. This post will show you some tips to eliminate these pocket dials and accidental lockscreen unlocks on Android phones. Starting with the basic tips: Remove any contact shortcuts from Homescreen. Put a […]

How to Get Back The Old Gmail Login Screen

gmail icon

Two days ago, Google made a simple but drastic change to their Login Screen. If you tried logging into your Gmail account in the past two days, you might have noticed that the Login screen changed from asking for your Username/Password on the same page to asking for your Username first and then asking for […]

Try YouTube’s New Transparent Player Before it Arrives

youtube logo

Google has been working on a new slick player for its YouTube Videos. The upgrade looks amazing due its transparent; almost glassy effect. Though the new player has not brought any stunning new features (yet) but it does have something simple to offer. The player auto hides itself when the video start playing and only […]

How to Activate WhatsApp Calling without Invites

whatsapp calling featured

WhatsApp Calling has now rolled out to everyone. That means no more waiting to get an invite from someone or tweaking your rooted device to enable it unofficially. As of today, WhatsApp calling has been enabled by default on the updated WhatsApp version 2.12.19. To enable WhatsApp calling, all you have to do is install […]

Get All the Chromecast Offers Outside US Including $6 Credits

google chromecast

Google gives out sweet deals to Chromecast users frequently. Most Chromecast users have already made back their investment on the device in form of deals and rebates. Every country’s user has some or the other deal available to them. But sadly the sweetest deals are available to only select countries. USA, UK and Germany are […]

How to Redeem and Use Google Play Store Credits Outside US

google play store

Google Play Store has an option to redeem coupon codes for Play Store credits. These coupons are given out as a part of many Promotions that Google launches from time to time. But majority of its users are unable to take advantage of these credits because their country doesn’t support Google Wallet based payment or […]

‘Facebook Lite’ Android App Launched, Size: 252KB (APK)

facebook lite

Many of us have uninstalled the bulky Facebook Android app just because of its huge app data size. The enormous app used to run in the background hogging data and memory, slowing down other apps. Then Facebook released yet another app – The Facebook Messenger. Which it forced on us by denying access to Facebook […]

How To Use WhatsApp on Desktop with WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web main

WhatsApp has finally launched its Web Client titled “WhatsApp Web”. The Web client is a mirror of your WhatsApp application on mobile. Hence to use it, you need to have an internet connection on your mobile device too. The WhatsApp web client will work only if you are using the WhatsApp application on any of […]

Firefox’s Spell Check Not Working? Here is a Simple Fix

firefox logo

When I upgraded my Firefox to the (then) latest version v33.0 I lost my spell check feature in the browser, those tiny zigzag(?) red lines below your misspelled words. I didn’t consider looking for a solution thinking the next update would have it fixed. Then came the version 34.0 which apparently arrived very fast. But […]

Google Made It Easier to Check If Your Account Has Been Hacked

DeviceActivity UI

In their latest blog post, Google today announced the launch of Google’s new Dashboard. The Dashboard hosts plenty of options including the much needed quick access to a complete list of Devices accessing the Google Account. The list displays all the current devices along with devices that have accessed the account in the past 28 […]