2 Minutes + 2.5MB = A Secure PC & Browsing

secure lock

secure lock

If you take a look at the number of rising online threats every day, you won’t dare go online without ensuring you are secure. Facebook & Twitter can all be the breeders of malicious link shares. When you click on any one of those malicious links, the consequences can be anything from a single pop up advertisement, to a browser add-on download or much worse.

This is where you need to think of measures to secure your PC and files from the digital threats. Fortunately there are simple steps to reduce the risk of catching a malicious virus online while you are browsing the web.

Here I will introduce one such simple software that will soon become one of your favorite. Its called Sandboxie.

How Sandboxie Works

After installation, Sandboxie will create a Default Sandbox. This is like an isolated space on your Hard disk (which can be relocated). When you run a program (such as web browser) inside the Default Sandbox, its changes are limited to only that particular sandbox.

The main system programs and files outside the sandbox are not affected when running programs inside Sandboxie.

You can browse all the files on your main system through the Sandbox and modify them as you would on the main system, except that the changes are not made on the original file (don’t worry).

When you make a new file or modify an existing file, Sandboxie asks you whether you want to recover the modified/new file to your main system. This ensures your word documents or excel spreadsheets are not left unsaved.

First configure your browser on your main PC, i.e install all your Addons, Bookmarks etc. Then start using it inside Sandboxie for secure browsing.

Now what to do after enjoying your browsing session inside Sandboxie? Suppose you downloaded a malicious app, what do you do?

Just right click on Sandboxie > Terminate All Programs > DefaultBox > Delete Contents.

delete contents of sandbox

delete contents of sandbox

Now your Sandbox is as new as it was when you first installed it.

Now you get the idea of how Sandboxie works right? Lets see some applications of Sandboxie.

Where to & How to Use Sandboxie.

Here is a list of ideas on how you can use Sandboxie on your PC.

  1. Run Firefox or Chrome inside a Sandbox to browse the web without a trace on your PC.
  2. Open suspicious attachments or files inside Sandbox.
  3. Install Ad-supported trial software inside Sandbox.
  4. Check a file for Malware.
  5. and many more.

The uses are endless.

Sandboxie can create direct shortcuts to run programs in Sandbox, to do that open Sandboxie > Configure > Windows Shell Integration > Add Shortcut Icons > Select the sandbox > Select the program. Now when you double click on the shortcut created by Sandboxie, the software will by default open inside Sandboxie’s secure vault.

add shortcuts to desktop

add shortcuts to desktop

You can create multiple Sandboxes (beside DefaultBox) for different purposes. Like one for Browsing, one to test softwares etc.

This simple software can help you evade many online threats. A demonstration of Sandboxie against Cryptolocker Ransomware can be seen in the below video.

When you are a Registered (Paid) Sandboxie user, You can configure Sandboxie to automatically start your softwares inside Sandbox even when they are run from outside.

Download Sandboxie.

For in-depth information about how to use Sandboxie, Read Techsupportalert’s article.

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  1. says

    Hi anoop,
    Thanks for sharing about Sandboxie with us. You are right Anoop, there is a lot of risk and threat online. and one should try to be aware of these risks.
    So one should try to minimise the threat by using such kind of software.
    i am gonna use Sandboxie now.

  2. says

    Thanks for nice post, but my Google chrome browser keeps crashing in sanboxie again and again. Need help!
    Any good sandboxie alternatives?

    • says

      That shouldn’t happen.
      I have seen a few times that infected applications tend to use Anti-Sandboxie codes in them which will crash the app when it is launched in Sandboxie. So first you must see if your system is infected.
      Secondly there are other softwares like Deep Freeze which does the same task but at a deeper OS level.

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