Cyberghost VPN 1 Month Promo Code 2013

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Cyberghost releases promo codes for its VPN Service from time to time, Here is the latest Cyberghost VPN Promo Code for 2013. Cyberghost VPN is Virtual Private Network provider based in germany, They provide their customers with Highly Anonymous Web browsing for privacy protection on the internet. Why You Should Surf Anonymously? There is little […]

Facebook Javascript Codes


Updated on 10-02-2012 As you all know since facebook has launched there have been several attempts to reduce the task online by building Javascript codes that do automated Fanpage, Group invitation etc. Here is a share of codes to add to the list. Facebook Select All Code Since the change in the Facebook Layout and […]

WordPress 3.1 Released With New Features

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The new wordpress 3.1 was set to release on the Valentines Day (i.e 14th Feb ). The delay was fulfilled recently with the launch of the Updates. The new Update is filled with lots of surprise elements and features. Lets jot it down! WordPress 3.1 is named Reinhardt WordPress 3.1 has been named Reinhardt in […]

How to Use Sandboxie to Prevent Virus Infections

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Sandboxie plays a very important role in the computer security. It helps eliminate computer security risks by using a Virtual Machine sort of method to prevent data leak into real computer hard disk. What is Sandboxie? Sandboxie is very useful software to check whether or not a program is infected. Sandboxie runs your programs in […]

Windows 7 SP1 Released and Available for Download

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If you’re a Windows 7 user then today’s the day you’ve been waiting for for a very long time (well, OK, maybe not) – Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is available to all. Previously it was only available to those with a TechNet or MSDN subscription. There are two ways to get your hands […]

Plugins to Run PHP Inside WordPress Post and Sidebar Widgets


WordPress by default doesnot allow running PHP scripts inside posts and sidebar widgets, but many people prefer this type of PHP integration for many affiliate networks demand it. This post will introduce you to two plugins which does the same. Plugins 1. runPHP Features: Also works in your feeds (RSS, RSS2, Atom, & RDF). Integrated […]

How To Index Your Backlinks Faster

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Every Webmaster or Blogger is looking to build backlinks for their websites, They use various techniques like submitting to stats websites etc to improve their Page Ranking and traffic. What Are The Disadvantages Of Just Backlinking Without Indexing? Google does not recognize these backlinks if they are not High Quality. Often people build backlinks from […]

Top 10 Tools to Help You Out in SEO


The following are a list of links that might help you out in Search Engine Optimization of your website. They are guided along with their descriptions as of what they do. Links With Descriptions Site Ranking : Get an overview of your site ranking. Page Rank Checker : Get the page rank of a specific […]

Ultimate Ping List for WordPress

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What is a pinging in wordpress? Pinging is the term used for Updating Services.Update Services are tools you can use to let other people know you’ve updated your blog. WordPress automatically notifies popular Update Services that you’ve updated your blog by sending a XML-RPC ping each time you create or update a post. In turn, […]

How To Clear Your Name from Akismet Blacklist

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All the WordPress bloggers are aware of the life saving plugin called ‘Akismet’. Akismet is a Spam Fighting plugin which automatically removes spam comments from your blog as soon as they are posted on your blog, This helps Blogs with huge readership from manually searching for and deleting spams. Blocking spams are a way of […]