Anonymous Hacks Reliance’s Internet Filtering Server and Blocks Many Sites

Anonymous Hacks Reliance

Internet Service Providers in India has blocked many Torrent and File Sharing sites after a court order issued by Entertainment and Communication company Reliance, The court order has made many ISPs in India from providing access to sites like Vimeo,ThePirateBay etc. We had earlier showed you how to bypass this block and use the websites, […]

How to Access ISP Blocked Torrent or Any Other Sites

Unblock Torrents blocked by ISP

First of all let me state that by means of this tutorial I am not encouraging Piracy or any other illegal acts which may cause loss to any corporation or company. ISPs need to understand the fact that Torrents are not illegal, Its just used for illegal purposes and that is what needs to be […]

Free Online Data Storage ‘Mashup’

online data storage

Nowadays, there are several websites which provide a facility to backup your data remotely for free just like a cloud host for your file, but the question is whether they are secure, reliable and can provide faster backup. No worry as we recommend some popular websites, which provide online data backup services. They are more […]