Quick! Disable or Uninstall Java from Your PC before Its Too Late

java exploitable

This is one of the latest Tech News you shouldn’t miss. Computer security firms are urging PC users to disable Java software in their browsers, saying the widely installed, free software from Oracle Corp opens machines to hacker attacks and there is no way to defend against them. The warnings, which began emerging over the […]

How to Turn OFF Facebooks Read Receipts “Seen by Xyz”

Facebook Read Receipt

Facebook had introduced the read receipts on Chats and Facebook Groups, These lets the Message sender/poster to know if their message has been read by the receiver and also by who all, if it was a Group Chat/Group Post. This is how it looks like:   This can be good for the sender if they […]

NASA Releases Stunning Panoramic Image of Mars from Opporunity’s Fifth Martian Winter [High Definition]

Panoramic Image of Mars

This full-circle scene combines 817 images taken by the panoramic camera (Pancam) on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. It shows the terrain that surrounded the rover while it was stationary for four months of work during its most recent Martian winter. Opportunity’s Pancam took the component images between the 2,811th Martian day, or sol, of […]

Tips to Buy WordPress Hosting for Beginners

WordPress hosting

Starting a new blog is an adventure but to make it success, we need to be very particular about everything associated with our blog. For example, which blogging platform to use, Which domain name to use, Which webhosting to use and what all SEO practices and blog promotion techniques we will be using. I prefer […]