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Last time I shared posts on how to increase your dropbox storage space upto 5GB and a post on getting 50GB of free space in your account. This time, Its a whooping 23GB of free storage that is going to be added to your Dropbox account. Like that? Ofcourse you would 😀

Haven’t signed up to dropbox yet? Get 250MB head start by Registering via this link : Join Dropbox.

Update :

Sorry to say this guys, But Dropbox is now cracking down Extra space gained by this method. So better save all those important files you in dropbox to offline or to some other account like Box.Com. Don’t worry its highly unlikely that you will lose your account altogether. You might be losing the extra 23GB gained.

Here is a notice from Dropbox in its forum.

The official Dropbox 23GB HTC promotion will not start until sometime early this month, when the devices are released. To earn the extra 23GB of extra Dropbox space you will need to link your HTC Sense 4.0 device to your Dropbox account and complete “Get Started.”

The method to earn 23GB that is being circulated on the XDA Developers forum and on other blogs and forums is illegitimate. We plan to remove any space received using this method.

Downloading apps from unknown sources is not a good idea, as they might have been modified to include malicious code. We strongly recommend that you only install the Android Dropbox app via Google Play (formerly known as the the Android Market) or from official download links on

Keeping this post Simple and Short, Lets proceed.

How to Get 23GB+ of Free Space on Your Dropbox Account If You Have an Android Phone.

Step 1. Download this APK file. [LINK]

Step 2. Uninstall your existing Dropbox App from your Android Phone, Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Dropbox > Uninstall.

Step 3. Install the Downloaded APK file which is a modified version of Dropbox app. (Modded by a beloved XDA Member : theos0o)

Step 4. Open the Application > Enter your Email and Password of your Dropbox account.

Step 5. Go to your Kitchen and grab a glass of water (you probably got tired reading all this? 😉 ). Check your E-Mail associated with the Dropbox for an Email from Dropbox which reads the following:

Hi Anoop (Your Username),

Congrats on becoming a Dropbox Guru! We’ve awarded you 23 GB of bonus space for the next 24 months! You now have 27.38 GB on Dropbox. To get even more space, check out our upgrade options.

Thanks again for supercharging your HTC device with Dropbox!

– The Dropbox Team

If you have Dropbox PC Software installed, You can expect this popup:



You are probably overjoyed if you are a Cloud Storage freak (I am one).

Now what about those who don’t have an Android? No I won’t disappoint you by saying you need to have an android to avail this offer. Read on.

How to Get 23GB+ of Free Space on Your Dropbox Account If You DON’T Have an Android Phone.

This part is taken from this post [LINK]

Part 1 – Installing the Android Emulator.

Step 1. Download the required Android SDK from this [LINK] according to your platform.

Step 2. Install it on any of your drives.

Step 3. Launch the SDK Manager.exe from the Start Menu.

Step 4. It will show the Installed Packages and Options to install the uninstalled packages.

Step 5. Untick all the packages and Re-Tick only ‘Tools’ and ‘Android 2.3.3 (API 10)’, Click Install Packages > Accept. It might take some time depending on your Internet Connection.

Android SDK Packages

Android SDK Packages

Part 2 – Creating Android Virtual Device.

Step 1. Launch AVD Manager.exe from Start Menu.

Step 2. Click New > In the new window, Enter any Name, Choose Target as Android 2.3.3 – API Level 10, Size anything like 150MB,200MB etc.

Create new Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Create new Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Step 3. Click Create AVD, It might seem to be Not Responding but wait till the AVD is created (might take 1-2 Minutes)

Step 4. Choose the newly created AVD and click Start > Launch.

Start the AVD

Start the AVD

Part 3 – Upgrading the Dropbox to 23GB+.

Step 1. Initial Launch might take some time, After the Android Home Screen is loaded. Unlock the screen by Sliding the Lock Icon to the right.

Step 2. Click on the Web Icon.

Step 3. Paste the following URL in the Address Bar of Android Browser “

Step 4. Your Application will be downloaded in your Downloads Folder in Menu.

Step 5. Install the application.

Step 6. Open the app, Enter your Dropbox Email and Password > Login.

Step 7. Check your Dropbox account and you will see that your account has been gifted with 23GB of free storage or Check your E-Mail ID for an E-Mail from the dropbox team.

[Credits : XDA]

Note : This storage is valid for 2 Years only.

Hope you enjoyed the article and successfully upgraded your Dropbox account.


  1. says

    But is this stealing?
    Your getting this space because HTC made a deal with dropbox. If you didn’t purchase a HTC device should you get the free extra space?

  2. says

    Anoop, lots of free additional space on Dropbox is cool, but are you not worried about the future of online storage and sharing, given the troubles we’ve seen in the recent past?

  3. Danraz says

    Anoop, You are the man! thanks so much.

    I even clicked on a few of your banners as an appreciation for your tips 😉
    I’m following with pleasure for all of your new posts, keep on doing a great job.


    • says

      Thanks Danraz for your appreciation :) but I would request you not to click on Ads :) They are for those who are interested and I must not force any one to click on them. Hope you understand :)

  4. says

    Hi Anoop. This is my first visit to your blog from TSA and I’m glad I met you. This is an excellent tutorial of how to us DropBox. If this information wasn’t given to me, I would have to give it to one of my kids to do it for me. Now I can show them up. Ha Ha Again, many thanks for this step by step guide.
    Donna Merrill

  5. moises hernandez says

    hey, great tip! however, I just got a notification saying ” Your quota was decreased to 18.25 GB ” anyone else had this occurred?

    • says

      Yep! Read the new Update. The trick is no longer working and the space gained by this method has been deducted. You might want to look at the other ways to increase Dropbox space which I have mentioned in the article.

  6. Prakhar says

    Hi Anoop ,

    I am getting an error on your download link . It says a 404 error . Please upload the new
    link , u r doing a great job , pls keep it up .

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