3 Mistakes You Do Which Reveals Your Password



I am pretty sure you all still think that “All I need to stay safe on Internet is my Mighty Antivirus & my cute lil Labrador’s nickname (oh sorry! Have I already guessed your password??)”. There is nothing to worry about, They are essentials of a digital life. But how secure are they?

In my previous writing, I talked about Identity Theft Protection. This article will further stress upon a safe online life. Here I will point out top reasons why your password is unsafe not because it is short, Even a strong password is nothing if you don’t take care of it. You never thought you will need to take care of your password isn’t it? I can show you how your password is still insecure even after having 32 or 64 Characters.

Browsing Your Facebook Photos?

Are you still in the blossomy world, browsing your photos on facebook or picasa? Rewind the time and lets see how you logged into Facebook or Picasa.

  1. You went to the Facebook Login Page at http://www.facebook.com
  2. Entered your Username/Email and Password.
  3. Hit the Login button.
  4. So whats the problem?
no https in facebook

no https in facebook

The problem started the point when you entered ‘http://’, Instead of http you should enter https:// That is because https utilizes Secured Socket Layer (SSL) to transmit your login details to the server.

In case you are using http and are browsing on a LAN or Unsecured Public/Private WiFi and if a Network Sniffer (usually hacker) is sniffing your network then he can see the Password and Username fly by on his screen (not in the form of *** but in the form of plain text).

If you were using a https protocol while logging in, Then even if you were being network sniffed by a hacker, All he would see on his screen are encrypted characters which would take him years to crack.

That was one point how even a 64 character long password is still insecure.

Conclusion : Always use HTTPS while surfing the web.

Wow! That Game Is So Cool! :) …Crap Its $22!! :( but Hey There Are Always Free Cracks Available! :)

You always wanted that COD,NFS,FIFA right? Then resist your feeling just because its Costly. But then you hear a friend say “Dude you want that game? I have a cracked version of it!!”. You copy the game to your pendrive.. Come home plug it in, Run a scan.. Crap its showing 45 Min to complete the scan.. You resort to click the cancel button and fire up the installer > Copy the crack > Play the game.

Whats wrong in it? We all did that!?!

Why do you think you got the Game for free? Because you got its 10MB Crack. Ever thought why those people at warez site are providing you with FREE Crack?

They want your PC/Password/Account instead of that 10MB Crack. In short you are trading your PC/Password/Accounts for a game. How?

The crack that you fired up to play the game was a Malicious Piece of Software. The crack works well and you are playing the game, but in the background you are giving a backdoor to the hacker to access your computer. Most of those cracks are infected with either Keylogger or RAT/Trojans. Keyloggers will record what you type,see on your computer and send it to the hacker. While RAT/Trojans will give the hacker an open access to control your PC.

Again you can argue that your antivirus did not detect any virus in the game, Thats because Hackers use Crypters to hide the virus source or scramble them so that they are not detected by Antivirus, Hence its important to keep your antivirus updated so that it can pickup such crypted viruses.

How the Trojan Alert Looks Like



Conclusion : Never use Cracked Softwares, Keep your Antivirus updated.

Register To Continue..

No, I am not asking you to register to continue reading (although you may signup for our FREE Newsletter below). The reason for such a title is that you always see such taglines on Forums and Websites where they ask you to register in order to continue using their website.

You blindly enter in your Email/Password to the register page and signup.

OK! So whats wrong now???

Are you aware that not only PC’s but also Websites can be hacked? Your Email and Password is stored on the website in its Database.

There is a method known as SQL Injection (SQLi) to which many websites are vulnerable. When that penetration method is used on a vulnerable website, it reveals all of its database to the hacker and the database contains your password. You probably heard of LulzSec who leaked many top website databases, Those DB contained many sensitive data.

Now you may argue that most websites encrypt our login details in Hashes like MD5 Hash to store it safely. But again if your password is common ones like ‘password,123456,iamcool etc etc’ they can be cracked within seconds with this Decrypter : MD5Decrypter. Now comes the importance of strong passwords which are rare and doesn’t exist in the cracked hashes database.

How the Leaked Database Looks Like



Conclusion : Never Signup on Secondary websites with your main passwords, Use secondary passwords when signing up on them so that even if your details are leaked your main password will stay safe.

Do follow the conclusions and stay safe and alert on Internet. If you liked the tips you can signup for our FREE Newsletter and like the Facebook Fanpage.


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