98 Percent of People Cant Watch This Video [Facebook Spam]

This is a new spam that had hit my inbox multiple times today, Seems like this has become viral and people are spammed by their friends which make them believe its real and go out and click to watch the video.

Title of Spam – 

98 Percent of People Cant Watch This Video for More than 15 Seconds

The Thumbnail of the link looks like a Video Player but actually is a hyperlink disguised as an image, The spam does not post on your wall instead the spammer inboxes you the link on your facebook account.

The Spam Post Looks like this In Your Inbox –

facebook spam

facebook spam


Since the link is a direct hyperlink to a website, It will redirect you to a website which will tempt you to click on the Share on facebook button, The site will ask you to share the webpage on your facebook account to proceed to watch the picture/video. This act of yours will make the spam viral since your other friends will be curious and click on the link to see the picture/video.

The Webpage looks like this –

facebook spam - 98 Percent of People Cant Watch This Video

facebook spam - 98 Percent of People Cant Watch This Video

What Will Happen If I Mistakenly Click the Share button?

  • You will be spamming your friends.
  • Excessive spamming might lead to our facebook account being suspended.
  • The fake webpages might be infected with malwares. (in some cases)
  • If the page asks you for login credentials, Then it is a Phishing Page and will steal your username password.

If you mistakenly clicked the link, Then don’t worry just don’t share the page by clicking the Recommend button. After you close the page, Logout of all your accounts (FB,Gmail etc) and download and use CCleaner to clear any tracking cookies left by the webpage. Also run a Virus Scan.

Also Read These Posts and do as I have stated in them

Share this post on your facebook and twitter account and alert your friends of the facebook spam.


  1. says

    Much thanks for this post! I have seen that post all over FB! I guess the only reason I never clicked on it was I thought it was going to be something gruesome! Anyway, glad you cleared it all up!

  2. Deyn says

    Hi there, I actually got this & clicked on it. However, it wasn’t a new page shown but some commands I was asked to follow. I fell for it and it mass spammed the video to all those on my friend list. Will there be serious effect?

  3. Deyn says

    Hey, just wanna ask. Cause i received the exact same video & clicked on it, but i wasn’t redirected to another webpage mentioned. However, it stated for some security reason, i was to clicked on the URL >> enter J >> Ctl + V and the next moment it started to mass spam to all my friends on my FB via Fb Message. Can you suggest what do i do now? And is it a hack spam or?

    • says

      If you dont clean your profile and stop following such spams, it could lead to hurting your own as well as others social profile and also can lead to deletion of your account due to excessive spamming. There have been reports that mass facebook accounts are being compromised by hackers so change your password from any other Trusted PC and run a malware & virus scan on your pc.

  4. says

    This type of information will be more helpful to down load and use CCleaner to clear any tracking cookies in it. Its really great to know about those type of information on here. Great article on here :)

  5. says

    Yes, facebook is been targeted by more and more spammers nowadays. I really dislike this thing. And these videos are harming our accounts. Facebook is not safe for us. We need to take precautions.

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