About Gmail’s New Look and How to Activate/Deactivate it

As said by the leaked sources earlier, Gmails new look was really coming and today it has arrived. Gmail says the New version will be rolled out on all accounts over a period of time but also gives early bird access to those craving for it (Like You and Me 😉 )

Features and Looks of the New Gmail at a glance.

  1. Cleaner and Modern look.
  2. New Themes Added (HD Themes).
  3. If you use the Conversation View in Gmail, It has been improved a lot.
  4. Ability to choose number of messages on your screen.
  5. Can choose between Dense,Cozy,Compact  densities of the view.
  6. Drag and Resize Chat window.
  7. Filter and Searches made more simpler.
  8. Switch between Contacts and Tasks.
  9. Toolbar shows the buttons only when Mails are Ticked.

How to Enable (Activate) Gmail’s New Look.

Step 1. Login to your Gmail Account and Click on the ‘Switch To New Look‘ at the bottom right hand corner.

Activate Gmails New Look

Activate Gmails New Look

Step 2. If you wish to continue (which you of-course would 😀 ) again click on ‘Switch to the new look‘ in the Popup Box.

Activate Gmails New Look Step 2

Activate Gmails New Look Step 2

Step 3. Watch the Introduction Video if you want to and then click on ‘Continue to the new look‘.

Activate Gmails New Look Step 3

Activate Gmails New Look Step 3

Step 4. Your Gmail account will now reload and you will be presented with your new Gmail Layout.

How to Disable (Deactivate) Gmail’s New Look.

Although soon the old gmail version will be stripped off and you will be forced to use the new layout but if you wish to use the Old Gmail unless you are forced to then you can revert to the old look if you didnt get mesmerized by the Enriched looks.

Here we go.

Step 1. Login to Gmail Account.

Step 2. Click on the Gear Icon at the left hand side above the Mails box.

Step 3.  Click on ‘Revert to the old look temporarily‘.

Deactivate Gmails New Look Step 1

Deactivate Gmails New Look Step 1

Step 4. Confirm your action by again clicking on ‘Revert to the old temporarily‘ in the popup box.

Deactivate New Gmail Layout Step 2

Deactivate New Gmail Layout Step 2

Step 5. Gmail will reload and you will revert to the old look but you will soon be upgraded to the new look automatically when it rolls out for public.

What do you have to say about Gmails New Look? Did you like it? Comment it out!


    • says

      Do have a check again under the Gear Icon as shown in the Screeshot after clearing your Cookies and Cache of browser or try in a different browser.

  1. says

    One by one Google is updating all their services with new looks based on design implemented recently in Google Plus and Google Search Engine. I am not surprised with this new look, because Yahoo! Mail have still better and modern looks and design in my opinion. Though, i use Gmail mostly :)

  2. says

    New version has been rolling on those days and its looking great in it. Great to hear about G mails new look and how to activate/ deactivate G mails new looks on here. Thanks a lot for given up here :)

  3. says

    And I don’t like it. It’s the same flat look that Google Minus had. Too bad I’m not a paying customer and I can’t complain, but I am going to use e-mail client for gmail once new look is forced upon me.

  4. Simon Clarke says

    Do no evil? Don’t foist your wretched new look on me. Other webmail programs are available. This is just Fascist. We need a Tahir Square gor Gmail users.

  5. says

    revert to option is now not available in gmail,please tell us some other way to revert to old look, new look is not user freindly, n we are not use to new look, and i hate it, please give me n new solution

  6. simone says

    How do you activate the new look once you have opted to use the old look, (momentarily) i was not quite ready? and now i cant find the option to activate the new look again? it’s gone!

  7. Rahul Mali says

    If you are using google apps, then while you are in the old layout, go to compose email and there on the top of the email you will see, try the new compose experience.

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