Activate and Explore Gmail Preview Pane

Google just launched a new lab app for Gmail users. The new lab app is named the Preview Pane. The Preview Pane lets you preview your Emails without opening them, This feature allows you to quickly browse through all your emails quickly.

How to Activate Gmail Preview Pane.

  1. Login to your Gmail Account.
  2. Click on the Gears Icon.
  3. If you are already using any lab app then a Labs option will come up under the Mail Settings Click that Else if you are using labs for the first time then click on the Mail Settings and Click on the Labs tab.
  4. In the search bar enter Preview.
  5. Click Enable in the Radio Button.
  6. Save Changes and the page will reload.

Image Overview on How to Activate Gmail Preview Pane [Click Image to view Full Size].

Overview of Steps to Activate Gmail Preview Pane

Overview of Steps to Activate Gmail Preview Pane

Explore Gmail Preview Panes.

After you activate and reload the page, A Pane icon will be seen in the Right Hand Corner of the Mail Box. There are three Gmail Pane options given by default.

  • No Split.
  • Vertical Split.
  • Horizontal Split.

No Split:

The no split pane option is the default view of the normal gmail. This lets you disable the Preview Pane without going through the Labs option incase you dont like the Pane Preview option.

Vertical Split: (My personal favorite)

This option from Preview Pane lets you browse the emails in Columns. Basically its like three panes. 1] The Inbox,Spam etc. 2]The List of Emails 3]The Preview of emails.

Image Preview of Vertical Split

Vertical Split Pane View - Gmail

Vertical Split Pane View - Gmail

Horizontal Split:

This option from Gmail Preview Pane lets you brows the emails in rows like for example when you click on the email to preview it, The preview pane opens up below the inbox.

Image Preview Horizontal Split

Horizontal Split Pane View - Gmail

Horizontal Split Pane View - Gmail

Mark as Read Delay.

The preview pane option also lets you mark the email as read when you view the preview of it. The default delay in Marking as read is 3 Seconds which you can change to the following options:

  • Immediately
  • After 1 Second
  • After 3 Seconds
  • Never

How to Change the Time Delay in Marking Email as Read. [Image Overview]

Mark as read

Mark as read

Some Errors in the New Labs Product – Gmail Preview Pane.

  1. The Pane View Clutters the Labels and the lining of the labels is disturbed.
  2. Ugly Scroll Bars appear in the window.

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  1. bemymonkey says

    Oh thank God, I’ve been looking for that Mark as Read Delay setting since the preview pane was released… thank you!

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