Android Apps for Entertainment That You Can’t Miss Out

Android phones are more than just a communications device or a music player. Your Android phone could keep you entertained throughout the day. All you need is the right Android apps on your device. Here is a quick list of the different Android apps that you can get to make your very own mobile an all-in-one entertainment system, for free.

The Android Market can provide you with tens of thousands of apps for free. With so many apps available in the app-store, choosing the best app for you would be the hardest part. With our great researching skills, we have listed down the best free Android apps to entertain you.

Vue Cinema App

vue app android

vue app android

Want to get the latest scoop on upcoming movies and celebrities? I confess, I am not that much of a fan, but I am just part of the minority. Vue Cinema Android app is a must have if you are a movie buff and don’t want to miss out on the latest flick playing at a nearby theatre. Download this app now and find out the satisfaction it brings for all movie-goers.

[Google Play LINK]

Gigbox (Free)

If you like going to concerts of your favorite artists then this is the app for you. Gigbox will notify you whenever one of your favorite artists are going to have a concert in your town or somewhere near your location. The application is connected with Google Maps so you can get to each venue. Once you’re there you can go to the Live Mode of your app and chat and share pictures with other concert fanatics.

[Google Play LINK]

TV Guide Mobile

For all the couch potatoes out there, this is the app you need to get. Check out what’s showing now on your favorite channel. The app has an up-to-date guide providing you TV-related articles.

[Google Play LINK]

Funny Jokes

Need a chuckle? Tickle your funny bone reading jokes from this app. The jokes are sorted into 12 different categories to suit everyone’s taste. Easy browsing and laughs for all.

[Google Play LINK]

Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers

There are countless of ringtones and wallpapers to choose from in this Android app. It is rumored that Zedge has gathered over 16 million members all over the world.

[Google Play LINK]

Magic 8-Ball

Remember when you were still a kid? Relive your childhood experiences and ask your very own Magic 8-ball for answers to the trickiest questions.

[Google Play LINK]

Go ahead and enjoy these Android Apps and share them with your friends.


  1. Emery says

    Funny Jokes is the entertainment app I’ve been searching for, so thank you for the new ideas! My employer DISH is sending me on a business trip soon and I know I’m going to have a lot of down time in airports and such, so I’ll definitely need all the entertainment I can get. Funny Jokes sounds like it will most likely become my second favorite Android app after the DISH Remote Access app I’ve had from DISH for a long time. It allows me to watch all of my favorite subscribed programming live or recorded on my Android anywhere I go in the world, so now with DRA and Funny Jokes, I have a feeling I won’t have to worry about any boring down time. :)

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