Best Of Steve Jobs [Videos]

The great man who Co-Founded Apple at his age of 20 no longer remains as the CEO of Apple. At the recent meeting of board of directors, Steve Jobs put forward his willingness to quit as the CEO of Apple and also had said that if the board permits then he wishes to serve as the chairman of Apple.

The newly elected CEO of Apple is Tim Cook who earlier had an experience as the COO of Apple.

This Chart will show the best achievements of Steve Jobs being a part of Apple

achievements of steve jobs

achievements of steve jobs

Shown below are a few exceptional product launches of Apple and some commencement speeches by Steve Jobs. These videos are inspiring and nostalgic to watch.

Apple Macintosh Introduction [1984]

The First iMac Introduction [1998]

The First iPod Keynote of the Millennium [2001]

Steve Jobs’s Stanford University Commencement Speech (Very Inspirational) [2005]

The First iPhone Introduction [2007]

Part 1

Part 2

The iPad 1 Launch Event Keynote [2010]

Part 1

Part 2

The iPad 2 Launch Event Keynote [2011]

Those were some of the best memories collected from youtube. One unfortunate thing that happened after Steve’s resignation is that the market shares of Apple have decreased.

There is no specific reason as to why Jobs left the position but we may assume that may be because of his health conditions as he is suffering from Pancreatic Cancer.

We would like to wish him the best of health and long live Apple! :)

Credits for Video Compilation : Techiezlounge

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