Beware of Malware Filled Anonymous Operating System Distributed Online

A new Hacking Toolkit ridden Operating System seems to have got released in the Web which is claimed to be the act of popular Anonymous Hacktivists. This is a Linux Operating System breed which is filled with Hacking Softwares and Tools that is promised to be a Toolkit that will help you out in Hacking.

But in reality the Operating System is a rouge piece of malware that is meant to spread the Hacker’s reach to millions of unsuspecting victims.

The OS is filled with Malware and is designed to compromise the system on which it is installed.

The OS is based on the popular Ubuntu distro of Linux, The pack apart from the default softwares also contains these Hacking Tools:

  • John the Ripper (Password Cracker)
  • Ddosim (Distributed Denial of Service Attacks simulating software)
  • SQL Poison (Vulnerability detector)

Although the Anon OS was claimed to be announced from a Tumbler Account belonging to the Anonymous, Anonymous has been warning its Twitter followers that the OS is malware filled and is not their creation. Following are their tweets.

Anon Tweets

Anon Tweets

Its also said to be a Fake software generated by other Hackers or Law Enforcement Agencies.

In any case, Its better to stay away from such rouge stuffs. Never download any Operating System or any other software (Cracks/Patches etc) from unreliable sources especially Torrents.

One more things, Always use Hashes to verify files. Read more about it here : Scan Your Files Online with Help of Hashes.

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