Download Full Backlink Report from Ahrefs and Majestic SEO for Free

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The increasing number of Google algorithm updates has forced every webmaster to go after link profile cleanups. And majority of the process requires your complete backlink profile to be available in order to inspect for bad links. Every SEO Blog out there suggests going to Google Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer […]

How to Get Email Notifications When a Webpage Content Changes

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There are times when you would like to get an update notification when a webpage’s content changes. Examples would be your university website where you go back and check for updates everyday only to find there are none. In situations like these it would be handy to receive an hourly or daily notification via Email […]

How to Make Your Adsense Ads Responsive

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Responsiveness is an important feature in today’s web. Responsive design is a a dynamic design that automatically transforms a site’s layout depending on screen size of the device. This helps in displaying your website on a Mobile device more accurately without the need to zoom in and zoom out. The design adapts itself to the […]

Beginners Guide to CSS Sprites

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I had come across the term CSS Sprites a few years back but always found it too advanced and not-so-easy to implement. But in the last 2 weeks while redesigning HackTabs, once again I was reminded of this term and decided to give it a shot. It was worth the time spent, I learned a […]

How to Get Your New Website Indexed in Google within 1 Hour

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For most websites, the major part of their traffic comes from Google Search Engine. But to get traffic from search results in any search engine you need to first get indexed by the search engine. Google is nothing different, You need to first get into the eyes (index) of Google before they list you in […]

Lecture Notes from Y Combinator’s Startup School 2013 & Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs & Startup Aspirants

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Y Combinator’s annual event known as the Startup School was live streamed this year for the first time, The talks there are a goldmine for Entrepreneurs & Startup aspirants. Many huge names in the Startup field attend this meeting and share their experience with the audience. This year technology leaders like Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, […]

How to Install WordPress and Start a New Blog

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WordPress is the most user friendly Content Management System preferred by millions of bloggers around the world, It is an open source PHP based script that has been installed on millions of blogs. The script is developed by Matt Mullenweg and maintained by the large community. If you are new to blogging and need help […]

Don’t Approach Me with Guest Posts Unless..

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Guest posting on a Blog has lost its meaning! There used to be a time when fellow bloggers used to approach and draft a very perfect and useful guest post on our blogs. Today this sector is filled with Spammy SEOs and worthless guest post providers. They don’t bother about the quality anymore, Just want […]