Make Your Shopping/Selling Easier with the help of Online Classified Ads

free online classified ads

Looking to purchase any product at cheaper price or keen on knowing the best amongst the other kind of products that you are looking for? Internet has enabled the world to shop from anyplace, by sitting comfortably at your home. Online classified ads are one of the best choices for the individuals who either want […]

Instagram Alternatives for Windows Phone

InstaCam - Instagram Alternative

Instagram is crawling to most Mobile Operating systems now which you can see after Instagram arrived on Android this week and its been rumored to arrive on Windows Phones soon, Till then you can experience Instagram like Photo Filters with a few good Instagram Alternatives for your windows phone. The reason there are not much […]

Facebook Layout for Groups Updated : How to Benefit from It

Facebook Group Thumbnail

Today while checking some Facebook groups that am part of, I noticed that Facebook has started displaying member photos on top of the group just above the Facebook group name. This was indeed a surprise for me as it came without any notification like Facebook Blog post update or anything like that.. Anyways since it […]

Web Hosting for Dummies – Common Webhosting Terms Explained

web host

Web hosting can be defined as renting of space on the web server. A site is a set of files that are linked together by the HTML code to show the graphics and text on your computer. But a website is not fully complete till the time it is displayed on the World Wide Web […]

Google and Hostgator Duo Offers Free Websites to Indian Enterprises

Step 3

Google’s Indian branch has come up with a great news for Indian businesses, Today Google partnering with Hostgator has come up with an initiative to offer free websites with Free Domain and Hosting to SMB’s(Small and Medium Businesses) in India. This initiative is named ‘India, Get Your Business Online’, would provide Indian businesses tools and […]

The Basics of Getting Started with a Blog

The Blogging Guide

Starting a blog is always tedious especially when you are new to it, But when you get the tricks of trade you will start enjoying it. In this post I will try to write as much as I know about these stuff and the things I have learned from my experience with blogs. This will […]

How to Find Your Facebook Profile ID Number

facebook username and id

With the advent of facebook Vanity URLs or the Facebook Usernames, The old facebook profile ID has died. But still some applications force the users to search for his/her profile id which had been long forgotten (btw was it ever remembered? 😛 ). Profile ID are those numeric ids that managed your identity in the […]