‘Facebook Lite’ Android App Launched, Size: 252KB (APK)

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Many of us have uninstalled the bulky Facebook Android app just because of its huge app data size. The enormous app used to run in the background hogging data and memory, slowing down other apps. Then Facebook released yet another app – The Facebook Messenger. Which it forced on us by denying access to Facebook […]

Live a Facebook App Free Life, No Need to Install Messenger App

facebook messenger app

Facebook has decided to force its Facebook Messenger application on mobile users. Users have started receiving notification in their Facebook App that in order to read their messages, they need to install the Facebook Messenger app separately. People are not a fan of the Facebook App for its notorious memory and battery usage. Now its […]

Facebook Launched Bookmarking Feature ‘Save’

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This feature was being tested by Facebook on a few number of profiles. Today it seems the bookmarking feature was released to public, atleast I got it today. Introducing this feature has made it simpler to bookmark stuff we see on our News Feed. No more taking screenshots or bookmarking in the browser. Your Saved […]

All You Need to Know about Identity Theft Protection

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Identity Theft Protection is essential in this insecure digital world. Identity thefts can lead to much worse situations which you probably have not even thought about, It can lead to you losing access to your personal resources and leading to distrust among community. Identity Theft What Is Identity Theft? Identity theft is a form of […]

How To Edit Your Facebook Status Updates & Fanpage Posts


Facebook finally lets you edit your personal status updates as well as your facebook fanpage posts/status updates, Editing your status update was not something that was long demanded on Facebook but due to the potential dangers of switching statements it was not enabled before. But now with the advent of Edit History, that problem has […]