Facebook Layout for Groups Updated : How to Benefit from It

Facebook Group Thumbnail

Today while checking some Facebook groups that am part of, I noticed that Facebook has started displaying member photos on top of the group just above the Facebook group name. This was indeed a surprise for me as it came without any notification like Facebook Blog post update or anything like that.. Anyways since it […]

Facebook Shutting down on March 15th Spam Message

15th march 2012 facebook shutdown spam

Its quite annoying to see how annoying some facebookers can be, Recently I was bombarded with spam messages (Intended and not auto posted) asking me to repost it on 15 other friends wall or inbox them so that my Facebook account is not deleted. 😐 I am sure many of you have already received such […]

How to Deactivate Facebook Timeline and Get Back the Old Profile (Updated)

deactivate facebook timeline

Happy New Year Facebook Timeline was recently launched on all Facebook Accounts across the globe and since it is a feature that affects our daily Facebooking, there is both likers and haters for the feature. If you want to try out Facebook Timeline but the feature is not yet active on your account then you […]

Facebook Desktop Messenger for Windows – Official Release

Facebook Desktop Messenger

Earlier today Facebook Messenger for Windows was leaked by an Israeli website, Facebook made a good move by releasing the Application officially instead of wasting time combating the leak. So finally Facebook Messenger has arrived before the New Year. Read on while I walk you through the Facebook Messenger Interface. Features of Facebook Desktop Messenger. […]

Facebook Chat Allows Using Anyone’s Profile Picture as Emoticon

Custom Chat Emoticons List 3

Emoticons on Facebook are no longer limited to simple smileys or sharky,robot head graphic. Recently it was found by TechCrunch that Facebook allows using anyone’s profile picture as an Emoticon in the chats. These custom emoticons are fun to use in chats and can help in expressing complex emotions, This article will help you to […]

“Mass Hacking of Facebook Accounts May Have Started as Long as 48 Hours Ago..”

Facebook last accessed

Many facebook users are reporting that they have been experiencing extreme spamming on their profiles from the past few days the spamming has increased to such a level that its flooding almost everone’s timelines. TheNextWeb and AllFacebook reports that this might be the after effect of Mass Hacking of Faceb0ok Accounts (and vice versa). What […]