Download Full Backlink Report from Ahrefs and Majestic SEO for Free

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The increasing number of Google algorithm updates has forced every webmaster to go after link profile cleanups. And majority of the process requires your complete backlink profile to be available in order to inspect for bad links. Every SEO Blog out there suggests going to Google Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer […]

Get $5 Amazon App Store Credit for Free and Top Paid Apps to Purchase

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Amazon is in holiday mood and to celebrate Christmas, They are offering $5 Amazon App Store credits to all Android users who are or choose to become a part of the Amazon family. The procedure to obtain this credit is pretty simple. You can get the credit within 1-2 minutes of reading this article. Please […]

Free Skype Premium Account for 1 Year with Group Video Calling

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Skype’s Collaboration Project is now offering 1 year of Free Skype Premium on your existing Skype Account. You are getting a $100+ valued Skype Premium features for free with this offer. It usually costs around $10 per month for Skype Premium upgrade. With Skype Premium, You get the following features. Group Video Calls / Group […]

Find the Best Time to Tweet Then Schedule Your Tweets

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Sharing awesome content with your followers is what drives a Twitter profile to success. But sharing them with your followers while they are away will not yield you any good in terms of engagement. Sure, You cannot cater to everyone at the same time because all of them are not online at the same time. […]

How to Make Your Adsense Ads Responsive

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Responsiveness is an important feature in today’s web. Responsive design is a a dynamic design that automatically transforms a site’s layout depending on screen size of the device. This helps in displaying your website on a Mobile device more accurately without the need to zoom in and zoom out. The design adapts itself to the […]

Beginners Guide to CSS Sprites

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I had come across the term CSS Sprites a few years back but always found it too advanced and not-so-easy to implement. But in the last 2 weeks while redesigning HackTabs, once again I was reminded of this term and decided to give it a shot. It was worth the time spent, I learned a […]