How to Hack Flappy Bird to Set a New High Score

flappy bird hacked

Flappy Bird is the new rage on the Internet, Almost everybody is hating it – Which is why I guess the developer is going to shut down the game today. Anyways I thought to share a simple cheat for Flappy Bird on Android which would allow you to set a new High Score. I know […]

How to Hack Online Javascript Based Games with Firebug Addon

red dice

There are many Javascript based games out there on the Internet which are pretty tricky, How about we trick the game? Ahem Hack the game? Many games use a Javascript based counter to implement a countdown timer which when runs out finishes the game. It is easy to bypass the counter and make it fast […]

How to Enable/Disable ADB over Wifi on Rooted/Non Rooted Android

Android ADB over Wifi

ADB is a common term among those Android users who are into a bit of advanced stuffs like customizing, flashing, rooting and more. Basically an ADB is a bridge between your computer and your Android device. ADB lets you modify your Android device’s software via the PC command line. ADB is usually packed along with […]

Download Full Backlink Report from Ahrefs and Majestic SEO for Free

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The increasing number of Google algorithm updates has forced every webmaster to go after link profile cleanups. And majority of the process requires your complete backlink profile to be available in order to inspect for bad links. Every SEO Blog out there suggests going to Google Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer […]

Get $5 Amazon App Store Credit for Free and Top Paid Apps to Purchase

amazon logo

Amazon is in holiday mood and to celebrate Christmas, They are offering $5 Amazon App Store credits to all Android users who are or choose to become a part of the Amazon family. The procedure to obtain this credit is pretty simple. You can get the credit within 1-2 minutes of reading this article. Please […]