Find the Best Time to Tweet Then Schedule Your Tweets

best time to tweet

Sharing awesome content with your followers is what drives a Twitter profile to success. But sharing them with your followers while they are away will not yield you any good in terms of engagement. Sure, You cannot cater to everyone at the same time because all of them are not online at the same time. […]

How to Make Your Adsense Ads Responsive

google adsense responsive

Responsiveness is an important feature in today’s web. Responsive design is a a dynamic design that automatically transforms a site’s layout depending on screen size of the device. This helps in displaying your website on a Mobile device more accurately without the need to zoom in and zoom out. The design adapts itself to the […]

Beginners Guide to CSS Sprites

css sprite

I had come across the term CSS Sprites a few years back but always found it too advanced and not-so-easy to implement. But in the last 2 weeks while redesigning HackTabs, once again I was reminded of this term and decided to give it a shot. It was worth the time spent, I learned a […]

How to Stop Google from Using Your Profile Info in Android Caller ID

google's smarter caller id

Earlier we had written about how Google wanted to use your Google Plus profile picture in online ads and how to opt out of it, Hopefully you have done it already. Now comes another privacy issue for Android users. Most Android users have a Google Plus profile and are already using Google Account attached to […]

How to Root HTC Desire X Running Jelly Bean 4.1.1

HTC Desire X Root

In this tutorial you will learn how to root your HTC Desire X running Jelly Bean 4.1.1. You will also be unlocking the Bootloader and installing a Custom Recovery on HTC Desire X. The process is fairly simple but does involve the risk of bricking your device, Hence I suggest you proceed with caution and […]

Twitter Launched Tweet Scheduling, How to Schedule Tweets

twitter logo

Recently Twitter launched Tweet Scheduling feature for their Twitter Ads users, Only users with Twitter Ads account can use it as of now. But since Twitter thinks scheduling messages is an important part of social media management, I am sure the feature will be expanded to normal Twitter accounts soon. Till then you can use […]

How to Download Android App APK from Google Play Store

android apk

I had previously written a guide on how to download android apk from play store. But I got bored updating it and thought to write a new one instead. The method mentioned there worked very well until the application was left un-updated by the developer. It also needed a bit of configuration before you could […]

How to Root Google Nexus 5 On Android 4.4 KitKat

Google Nexus 5 Root Guide

Nexus can be defined as the ultimate developer friendly Android Device. The height to which Google allows modifying and hacking the device is tremendous. Apart from that the device ships with enormous power and performance at an affordable price. Anyways this tutorial is not about explaining the pros and cons of a Nexus device but […]