Nexus 5 Spotted In Android KitKat Statue Unveiling Video [Possibly]

Nexus 5 spotted

Android 4.4 aka KitKat was announced yesterday, You must have seen the KitKat statue image floating around the web which was posted by a Google employee. After that, Google posted a video which showed the KitKat statue unveiling in the Google HQ. Which was taken down shortly after that but the Web kept many copies […]

Youtube’s New Layout (Again) – How to Get It Now

New Youtube Layout Homepage

Youtube has had another layout update and this one infact looks good and shows a lot more information about the video and its stats. The layout is not active for everyone but you can get it now with this little trick. This new youtube layout shows in detail a lot more information about the video […]

Quick! Disable or Uninstall Java from Your PC before Its Too Late

java exploitable

This is one of the latest Tech News you shouldn’t miss. Computer security firms are urging PC users to disable Java software in their browsers, saying the widely installed, free software from Oracle Corp opens machines to hacker attacks and there is no way to defend against them. The warnings, which began emerging over the […]

Anonymous Hacks Reliance’s Internet Filtering Server and Blocks Many Sites

Anonymous Hacks Reliance

Internet Service Providers in India has blocked many Torrent and File Sharing sites after a court order issued by Entertainment and Communication company Reliance, The court order has made many ISPs in India from providing access to sites like Vimeo,ThePirateBay etc. We had earlier showed you how to bypass this block and use the websites, […]

Google Drive “the long awaited rumor” is Now Live.

google drive

Update: Google Docs storage upped to 5GB and Gmail storage to 10GB. Google finally made Google Drive official, After years of rumors and over hyped features circulating internet boards.. Google finally made it all happen. Earlier this day, Google mistakenly (I highly doubt that) leaked the Google Drive details on it French Blog.. Which didn’t […]

Instagram for Android Opens Registrations to Early Beta

instagram for android

Instagram for Android is no longer a rumor, Its for real and its coming very soon. This is confirmed since the company has opened up its Early Beta Invite registration forms to get early access to the beta app before it hits Google Play/Android Market. Instagram as we all know is a huge success in […]