Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Preparation Kit 312-50 V7 from uCertify – Review

Certification Exams play an important role in shaping your career, Today the world runs on Information Technology and the field has very huge scope in terms of growth and career, So specializing in and having certified in a particular area of Information Technology will always help you.

Today, I have reviewed a preparation kit from a popular and leading provider of test preparation software for IT certification exams, the uCertify. They provide preparation kits on various IT Certification exams. I have opted for reviewing their 312-50-v7 Prep. Kit which is the CEHv7: Certified Ethical Hacker Exam kit.

What is C.E.H?

The EC-Council C.E.H-v7 (Certified Ethical Hacker) is a vendor neutral, mid level certification that validates your skills and knowledge in ethical hacking and related technologies.

How it Can Help You?

The CEH v7 certification is suitable for security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure. You can check out this page [LINK] to know more on how it can help in boosting your career and other details.

The 312-50-v7 Prep. Kit has many set of beneficial Test Papers, Synopsis, Revision Materials, Study Tips etc. So lets get started.

Installing the Preparation Kit.

Step 1. Download the Preparation Kit from this [LINK]

Step 2. After downloading, Start the installation by double clicking the E312-50-v7.exe icon.

Step 3. Proceed through the installation by Accepting the License Agreement, Choosing the install location (Default preferred).

Step 4. After completion of installation, Run the program.

Installation Finished

Installation Finished

First Glance at the User Interface.

Upon running the program after successful installation, The User Interface caught my attention as its neatly divided into easy to understand sections like

  • Learn and Practice.
  • Study Helper.
  • Study Material.
  • Track your Progress.

Section I – Learn and Practice Section:

Learn & Practice and Study Helper modules

Learn & Practice and Study Helper modules

The learn and practice section of 312-50 v7 module has a set of 15 Diagnostic Tests, 651 Practice Questions divided into 5 sets, 48 Final Questions, 211 Questions as a part of Interactive Quiz + 3 other helpful test modules.

Diagnostic Tests help you in testing your initial level knowledge on the subject.

Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Test

Practice Questions are the real test papers that has been tailored to match the EC Council exam standards and let me make it clear there are tons of useful questions in these papers.

Section II – Study Helper Section:

Study Helper section has the complete synopsis of the required concepts for your Certified Ethical Hacking Certification Exam. It has a set of 19 Study pages on the following topics:

Study Helper Chap 4

Study Helper Chap 4

1 Introduction to Ethical Hacking
2 Footprinting and Reconnaissance
3 Scanning Networks
4 Enumeration
5 System Hacking
6 Trojans and Backdoors
7 Viruses and Worms
8 Sniffers
9 Social Engineering
10 Denial of Service
11 Session Hijacking
12 Hacking Webservers
13 Hacking Web Applications
14 SQL Injection
15 Hacking Wireless Networks
16 Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
17 Buffer Overflow
18 Cryptography
19 Penetration Testing

Section III – Study Material

Study Material

Study Material

Study Material is the ultimate chest of all your revision and extra information/general knowledge needs. This section should be referred thoroughly, It has the following sub parts:

Subject/Exam Standards & Objectives – Find out key areas and skills you will be tested on.

Study notes – Learn the subject using our study notes.

Articles – Expand your knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Flash Cards – Memorize key concept easily using 148 study notes.

Key Terms – List of Key Terms & Concepts.

Glossary – Understand important definitions.

Online Reference Library – Curated content from around the web.

Study Tips – Exam Taking Tips & Strategies.

How Tos – Visuals explaining ‘How To’ do certain tasks.

Section IV – Track Your Progress Section:

Track Progress

Track Progress

This is the section that will tell you how prepared are you to take on the real challenge (C.E.H Exam), After you are completed with all the test questions and interactive quizes, You can judge your performance all together in this section.

Though you can view your individual test scores right after the test is over, You can see the overall result and readiness reports here.

Here is a sample of how the Test result is displayed to you, (Oh please don’t look at my scores 😛 I has attempted only 2 questions while taking this Screen Shot)

Test Review

Test Review

My Review:

The 312-50 v7 Preparation Kit is a life saver for C.E.H certification aspirants. The kit is knowledge packed with neat and easy to navigate interface. You shouldn’t face any problem with the installation and neither does it have any minimum system requirements and is capable of running effectively on all decent systems. Apart from the How-To Visual guide section being nearly empty the Kit is worth every penny.

Note: The above screenshots are taken on an Unlocked and Registered Kit. If you are trying out the Demo version, Some of the ‘Gems’ may be hidden for you. If you liked the Kit and helped you, Do buy the license and use the full kit. HackTabs readers are entitled for a 10% Discount using this coupon code – “UCPREP” (Non-Affiliate).

Whats your opinion on uCertify Preparation Kit? Comment your queries or suggestions.


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