Cyberghost VPN 1 Month Promo Code 2013

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cyberghost logo

Cyberghost releases promo codes for its VPN Service from time to time, Here is the latest Cyberghost VPN Promo Code for 2013. Cyberghost VPN is Virtual Private Network provider based in germany, They provide their customers with Highly Anonymous Web browsing for privacy protection on the internet.

Why You Should Surf Anonymously?

There is little privacy on the Internet. Website operators would like to know what you’re interested in. Businesses want to know what you’re up to on the Internet. Public authorities, secret services etc. want to know as much as they can about their citizens.Never forget that your computer’s unique IP address can provide such details as your name, address, age, telephone number and more. Hence it is recommended that you hide your IP with a VPN.

The Features of Cyberghost Premium are:

  • They provide 30% faster site access.
  • Highly secure 128-bit AES Encrypted Traffic connection.
  • Additional Firewall.
  • U.S Fast Servers.
  • Data safe.
  • 10GB Traffic per month

Update : The promo has expired, If you want 25% OFF on the premium plus plan, Follow this link : CyberGhost Discount

How to Get the 1 Month Free Premium Service Promotional Code.

  1. Login to Facebook Account, Click this [LINK].
  2. Like the Fanpage.
  3. Click the Red Box with the text “JETZT CODE ERHALTEN” (Now Get Code).

    Cyberghost VPN Code

    Cyberghost VPN Code

  4. Your Serial Key will be generated, Copy and keep the code.
  5. Use the Code to avail the 1 month free Premium service.

Download Cyberghost VPN for Free from here : Cyberghost Sotware.

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    • says

      Sorry to hear that you did not grab it earlier but they have not released a new code! I will update the post when the new promo arises!
      Keep visiting!
      Thank you for your comment! :)

  1. DarknessMatterS says

    good one. .sadly. .the promo code already expire 4 weeks ago. .too late to grab it. .can you inform me if there’s a new code available?.

  2. Kennedy says

    Hello Anoop,
    To be candid, I am pleased with your job well done for helping us getting the CyberGhost Vpn IP promo code. Please, I just want to find out if the promo code are available again, if yes, kindly help and pass it to me, but if not yet available, can you assist me with free available GERMAN Anonymous strong vpn ip with the activation serial code. I will be very grateful if you can render this assistance to me.

    Thanks, KENNEDY

    • says

      The promotion has expired!l update the post as soon as I get the new code! Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter and fanpage for updates! :)

    • says

      The new code will be released soon I guess! Will update the post when it arrives, Till then you can sign up to out FREE Newsletter in the sidebar to get notified of the new code or like our fanpage. :)

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