New Google ‘Email via Google+’ Feature Made It Easy for Strangers to Email You (How to Disable This)

Google recently published on their blog that they have introduced a new feature in Gmail that allows anyone with a Google Plus profile to Email you directly via the Google Plus connection.

Normally when you type in an Email in your Gmail Compose window it suggests you Google Plus profiles of those in your circles. But now it will also suggest anyone matching the name you type into the field.

The feature has been made an opt-out one but it will be enabled by default on all the Google accounts that use Google Plus.

The Email you receive from some stranger who used this feature will not end up in your Primary Inbox Tab (if you are using the Gmail Tabs) but in your Social Tab. This will prevent your Inbox from getting cluttered.

Also when someone sends you an Email via this, Your actual email address won’t be revealed to them unless you reply to their Email.

This feature has added a new option in your Gmail General Setting that allows you to completely opt out of this feature or limit the reach of your profile.

Here I will show you how to how to turn off the Email via Google+ feature in Gmail.

How to Disable Email via Google+ Feature in Gmail.

Step 1. Login to your Gmail > Settings.

Step 2. Scroll down to Email via Google+ setting and choose ‘No one’ if you want to completely disable this feature or any other option that you are comfortable with.

Email via Google+ Setting

Email via Google+ Setting

Step 3. Save Changes.

(Optional) Step 4. Share this post on Google Plus and +1 this article.

At the time of writing this post, Google has only enabled this option on accounts but I can’t seem to test the Email sending feature. I guess it will roll out eventually over the coming weeks.

Disabling this option will help you retain your Inbox the way it is now, Because you don’t really want to receive Emails from strangers right? Help out your friends by sharing this post with them on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.


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