(Updated) How to Download Android Apps APK to PC from Google Play

download android market apk to pc

download android market apk to pc

Google Play or the then called Android Market does not give a method to Download Android Apps APK file to your PC. You may need this for Backup purposes or if your Android Phone does not have an Internet Connection.

Though you can backup APK files from your phone using Titanium Backup (Root)/ES File Manager/Astro File Manager/MyBackup still you might need to have APK on your PC for various purposes and its tedious to download the app on your Android then transfer it to your PC. So this tutorial will show you how to download android app apk from android market or google play to your PC.

Update 04-11-2013

Checkout my new updated tutorial to download android apps apk from google play store. It doesn’t require all these tedious configurations. Just Copy > Paste > Download.

Update 26-08-2012

There is a standalone application that can easily download APK files from Google play without any modifications to your Browsers etc. Here are the steps to use the Real APK Leecher.

Step 1. Download the Real APK Leecher from here [Link].

Step 2. Extract the Zip file and Open the the ‘Real APK Leecher.exe’.

Step 3. You will be presented with a Settings Screen. Enter your Email and Password of the Google Play account.

download google play apk to pc

download google play apk to pc

Step 4. Find the Device ID by following the Help Box below the screen.

Step 5. Choose the language and the folder to Download the APK files to. Click Save.

Step 6. Search for the Android App and right click the app on the result > “Download this app“.


Old Tutorial

I will divide this Tutorial into 3 Parts so that its easy to follow.

PART I : Setup Google Chrome to Disable SSL Error Warnings.

Step 1. Make two Shortcuts of Google Chrome on your Desktop.

Step 2. Right click one of them > Properties.

Step 3. Make sure you are on the ‘Shortcut’ Tab. Then infront of chrome.exe in Target box, Paste the following:

<Space Here>–ignore-certificate-errors

So it looks the following “C:\Users\YOUR-USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –ignore-certificate-errors”



Step 4. Press OK.

Step 5. Open the New Edited Shortcut > Open this [LINK] in the browser > Install the Extension.

PART II : Enter E-Mail ID – Password and Device ID.

Step 1. To get your Device ID, Open your Android’s Dial Pad.

Step 2. Type in the following number in the Dial Pad : *#*#8255#*#*

Step 3. It must open up GTalk Service Monitor, Scroll down until you see your E-Mail Address. You will find lines starting with JID and Device ID. Your email is JID, and your device id is a string that after android- prefix.

Example : If it shows android-123456789 , then your device ID is 123456789

gtalk service monitor

gtalk service monitor

Step 4. Enter your E-Mail ID,Password and Device ID in the APK Downloader Options Page (Chrome > Tools > Extensions > APK Downloader > Options).

Options Page

Options Page

Step 5. Press Login, Choose your Country and SIM Operator from the drop down then click on Save Settings.

Choose SIM Operator

Choose SIM Operator

PART III : Downloading APK files from Android Market or Google Play.

To download any Application’s APK from Android Market or Google Play, Go to the Install page of the App (i.e the page where it gives you the Install Button) then Look for the APK Download Button in the Address Bar of your Google Chrome, Hit it and your Download should start automatically.

APK Download Button

APK Download Button

Here you can see how the Angry Birds Space APK file is being downloaded to PC from Google Play (Android Market).

Downloading Angry Birds Space Google Play

Downloading Angry Birds Space Google Play

[Credits: Redphx]

Hope you liked this Tutorial to download android apps apk to your PC from android market or google play.


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    interesting post, thank you for sharing this with us. i am not very clued up with the new Google play, so it helps to read about it.

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