Download Google Play Store 3.8.16 APK for All Android Versions – Smart Updates and Gift Card Supports



The latest Google Play Store APK update seems to fix small bugs and brings a lot of new features to the App. As I said in the Google I/O Conference blog post, Smart Updates also known as Delta Updates is a feature that is going to save you tons of Data usage and download bills.

Normally when an Application creator updates an App on the Google Play store, You get the update notification and the complete App is downloaded to your Mobile once again in order to update, This is tedious process and takes a lot of time and bandwidth to complete especially for HD Games where sizes range from 500MB to 1GB. To save you from the tedious process of redownloads, Google has updated the Play Store with a feature that allows you to download only specific parts of the APK that were updated by the developer.

So if in the 500MB Game, Only 10MB of codes were changed, You only have to download the 10MB instead of the whole 500MB. Isn’t it a precious update?

There is a whole lot of feature added to the new APK, Originally these were integrated in to the Google Play Store 3.8.15.apk update but the newer version fixes some bugs.

Here is the full list of new features.

  1. Smart Updates/Delta Updates.
  2. Supports Gift Cards and You can now bookmark apps and create a wishlist.
  3. Fixed abrupt Force Close issues for Jellybean users.
  4. Bug Fixes.

This update supports virtually all Android Firmware versions and devices which are on Android 2.1 & higher.

Steps to Install Google Play 3.8.16.APK on Your Android.

Step 1. Download the Google Play 3.8.16.apk. [5.4MB]

Step 2. Connect your Android to the PC via Bluetooth/USB.

Step 3. Transfer the APK File to your SD Card.

Step 4. Disconnect the USB/Bluetooth.

Step 5. Navigate to the APK on your Android, Click on it and Install.

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