How to Download Torrents Directly to Your Dropbox Account

Download torrents to dropbox

Download torrents to dropbox

Torrent downloads are supposed to be simpler but for those people who find it harder to use all the bittorrent clients and stuff, There is a simpler way now. Download the small sized .torrent file, Upload it to a web service and you get the file you want straight in your Dropbox account then you can Sync your Dropbox with your PC to download it on the PC. How smart is that? very much indeed!

A new Web service namely Boxopus lets you download your torrent files directly to your Dropbox account, Much like the Sidecloud service which lets you download files straight to your Dropbox.. But it has limitations and doesn’t support Torrents.

Boxopus is currently in its Beta and is offering Unlimited Traffic for Free.. which they plan to make a paid service later on when they are out of Beta. As you know Dropbox is also a Free Cloud storage space provider which offers a decent startup storage space. (Haven’t signed up? Do it here for Free and get extra Bonus space as soon as you signup [LINK])

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Start Downloading Torrents to Your Dropbox..

So to start downloading torrents to your Dropbox (assuming you have registered a dropbox account) get yourself registered on (Link). Now,

Step 1. Login to your Boxopus and Dropbox Accounts.

Step 2. Click on the “Assign Dropbox Account” button, When asked for confirmation by Dropbox click on Allow. (Its recommended you keep your Dropbox logged in and then click on the “Assign Dropbox Account” else it may result in errors)

Download Torrents to Dropbox 1

Download Torrents to Dropbox 1

Download Torrents to Dropbox 2

Download Torrents to Dropbox 2

Step 3. Download the .torrent file of the File you wish to download from torrent sites. The .torrent file may be just 20-100KB in size (in case you are not familiar with torrents). Drag the torrent file to the File Upload Box on Boxopus else Click on Browse and upload the file. Followed by a click on “Put in My Dropbox”.

Download Torrents to Dropbox 3

Download Torrents to Dropbox 3

Step 4. Click on “Start Download”.

Download Torrents to Dropbox 4

Download Torrents to Dropbox 4

Step 5. You can view the status of Downloads in the My Downloads area of Boxopus. Your torrent files will be downloaded to a New Folder in your Dropbox account namely “BoxOpus”.

Download Torrents to Dropbox 5

Download Torrents to Dropbox 5

Tip : Download the Dropbox Desktop Software and keep the account synced to your PC.

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    • says

      They don’t show these stats, But the speeds are not impressive mostly because the service is in Beta and the Dropbox Sync speed is very slow. Also they are displaying the following notice “Due to recent traffic burst we might delay some torrents!.. We apologize for it and hope for your understanding!”.

  1. says

    It’s quite surprising that this is actually supported, especially because of the type of files that people usually use torrents for.

    Having said that, I would probably stick to using torrent clients rather than using this method.

  2. says

    Downloads are temporarily stopped. Dropbox disconnects Boxopus for unwanted features so your downloads may not be processed for a while. Read more on our blog. We’re working on this to bring healthy Boxopus back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for sticking with us.

  3. says

    Well we can consider it as Just the One more step not even the alternative cause for a big file we need to pay in Dropbox. Well written post buddy.

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