Facebook Adds New Page Admin Roles and Supports Post Scheduling Feature

Facebook shakes it up for Fanpage Admins, Now with two awesome extra features added Facebook Fanpages have increased their value a lot and decreased the pressure on Fanpage Admins. That is what is in short all about these two new features, Lets know more about it.

Without wasting much time, Lets see what the two features are:

  1. You can now assign Multiple Roles to Fanpage Admins.. Yeah read on..
  2. You can now schedule Fanpage Posts without the need of Third Party Apps sucking your privacy.

As of now, You probably have a huge Fanpage with lots of active fans and its getting difficult to manage your time with the page and the only option left is to add up another friend as Administrator to help you out.. Only to find that you are too paranoid that he will delete you off the Page with his newly achieved super powers and you end up getting pressured. Have no more worries Facebook (with its extra dose of super powers) is to the rescue. They have now added new Roles to the Fanpage Admins and they are as follows:

  1. Manager
  2. Content Creator
  3. Moderator
  4. Advertiser
  5. Insights Analyst

Explaining that in detail might be (ouch! Definitely) needed, Then here it goes on details about the different privileges that each role gets.

The Fanpage Manager.

You can call him Super Admin, Spidey Admin or whatever and he is the probably the one who is reading this :O He has this one super power that no other Roles have.. Add and Delete other Admins.

What he can..

  1. Add/Delete Admins.
  2. Assign Roles to Admins.
  3. Edit Page info and add Apps.
  4. Create Posts.. Status Updates/Photos/Videos etc.
  5. Respond to/Delete comments.
  6. Send Messages as Page.
  7. Create Ads.
  8. Monitor Insights.
  9. Pretty much everything that you do now as Admin.

What he can’t..

  1. Delete Mark Zuckerberg off Facebook.. and that sums it all. :-)

The Fanpage Content Creator.

The name says it all, You can assign your friend as a Content Creator to write (& now schedule too) status updates,post photos/videos etc. He is like the Article Writer of Fanpage.

What he can..

  1. Edit Page info and add Apps.
  2. Create Posts.. Status Updates/Photos/Videos etc.
  3. Respond to/Delete comments.
  4. Send Messages as Page.
  5. Create Ads.
  6. Monitor Insights.

What he can’t..

  1. Add/Delete/Assign Roles to Admins.
  2. And of course that Mark thing! 😛 (That applies to every other roles too)

The Fanpage Moderator.

As again the name says it all, His main task would be to keep the area clean! Respond to worthy comments and trash unworthy ones.

What he can..

  1. Respond to/Delete comments.
  2. Send Messages as Page.
  3. Create Ads.
  4. Monitor Insights.

What he can’t..

  1. Add/Delete/Assign Roles to Admins.
  2. Create and Post contents on Fanpage as Status Updates. (But they can reply to comments)
  3. Add or Edit Apps.

The Fanpage Advertiser.

This guy/girl would be handling all the Advertising stuffs related to your page.

What he can..

  1. Create Ads.
  2. View Insights.

What he can’t..

  1. Nothing else other than the above two tasks.

The Fanpage Insights Analyst.

He/She can keep track of your Fanpage insights (a feature launched a little while back) and the amount of engagement on the posts and details like the demographics and stuff.

What he can..

  1. View Insights.

What he can’t..

  1. Nothing else other than the above task.

That should sum up the tasks assigned to each Admin Role.. for easier understanding and quick reference of role privileges you might want to Bookmark this page or save this chart presented by Facebook Staff.

FB Admin Levels

FB Admin Levels

How to Add New Fanpage Admins and Assign Roles.

Following steps should help you get started on adding new Admins and assigning the above mentioned roles for them. But before doing that, Let me clear up some FAQs.

  1. There is no limit on the number of Admins you can add.
  2. You can remove any Admin any time if you have the Manager privilege.
  3. Other Admins cannot change your Account Password (I know but still had to add this in FAQ) neither can they kick you out of Page unless they are Managers.

Step 1. Open the Fanpage and Click on ‘Edit Page’.

Edit Page

Edit Page

Step 2. Click on Admin Roles in the Left Sidebar.

Admin Roles

Admin Roles

Step 3. Enter the Name of the new Admin and Choose it. (You will need to Re-Enter your Facebook Password to confirm changes)

Step 4. Click on the Manager and choose which ever role you want to assign. (Make sure your DO THIS as the default role tends to be Manager if you don’t change it.)

Choose Admin

Choose Admin

Step 5. Save changes.

How to Remove Fanpage Admins.

Steps till 2 remain the same as above.

Step 3. Click on the Remove next to Admin.

That is all about the First Facebook Feature we talked about in the beginning. Lets move to the other interesting and handy Feature – Post Scheduling.

You can prepare a post and schedule it to appear later on your page by adding a date and time in the future before you actually publish it. You can schedule a post up to 6 months in advance in 15-minute intervals. These tasks earlier required Facebook Apps like Timely ,Hootsuit or Tweetdeck.. Hence a Big hit to these services.

Anyways I am loving this feature over other services mainly because its branding Free.. You don’t have to show that the post was published through some App which shows its logo at the bottom of post.

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook Fanpage.

Step 1. Open Fanpage and Click once on the Status Update box.

Step 2. Click on the tiny ‘Clock’ button on the left hand bottom corner of the status update box.

Time Button

Time Button

If you have not properly filled in the About details of your Fanpage, You may be requested to give the Date when the fanpage was created, A box will pop up asking you to choose a Year and the Status at that time like ‘Created/Founded/Launched’ etc. Choose that and proceed.

Step 3. Now click on the Year button and Choose the Year.. Go on till the Minutes option, Now click the Schedule Button to schedule the post to publish at the specified time.

Facebook Post Scheduling

Facebook Post Scheduling

You will get a Notification that the post has been scheduled with an option to go to the Activity Log to checkout the Scheduled Posts.

From the Activity Log, You can Cancel,Change the Time of Scheduled post or publish that post ‘Now’.

Change Post Time and Publish Now

Change Post Time and Publish Now

You can also access the Activity Log by this URL “https://www.facebook.com/<PageName>/allactivity”  or Click on Manage next to Edit Page and choose Activity Log from the drop down.

That is all about the new features, Have fun and let us know if you are going to use these features now.


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