Facebook Chat Allows Using Anyone’s Profile Picture as Emoticon

Emoticons on Facebook are no longer limited to simple smileys or sharky,robot head graphic. Recently it was found by TechCrunch that Facebook allows using anyone’s profile picture as an Emoticon in the chats.

These custom emoticons are fun to use in chats and can help in expressing complex emotions, This article will help you to get the custom emoticons in your chats.

How To Use Custom Emoticons in Facebook Chat.

Step 1. Visit the profile of the person whose profile picture you want to use in the chat.

Step 2. Copy the Username or the Profile ID of the person’s profile.

Eg. If its the HackTabs Facebook Fanpage, it would be http://www.facebook.com/hacktabs where hacktabs is the username.


We can access the page using Profile ID also (The method is described here) So it would look like this http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=187956667894149

Step 3.  Open the chat box and type in two Square brackets like this [[ and paste the username or profile ID after the two brackets then close both the brackets so it would look like this:

[[187956667894149]] OR [[hacktabs]]

Step 4. Press Enter and the profile picture of the Page or Profile would be displayed in the chat box.


  • These custom emoticons can be sent using Mobile devices however they cannot be viewed as graphics in the mobile, They will be displayed as the brackets with codes in the mobile view but on the desktop view they would appear normally.
  • You need to remember the Profile ID or the Username in order to use these emoticons.

Pre-Compiled List of Custom Emoticons.

These are a list of custom emoticons that you can use in your Facebook chats, These id’s link to the respective pages and their profile pics are displayed. Hence these emoticons may change when the page admin changes the profile pic.

Here is the list of Codes and beneath each list you will find the Image of how the Emoticon looks like.

List #1


Emoticons in List #1

Custom Chat Emoticons List 1

Custom Chat Emoticons List 1

List #2


Emoticons in List #2

Custom Chat Emoticons List 2

Custom Chat Emoticons List 2

List #3


Emoticons in List #3

Custom Chat Emoticons List 3

Custom Chat Emoticons List 3


Download and keep the images given above for quick reference when chatting OR You can bookmark this Post by pressing Ctrl+D. You also share those Images and this post on Facebook with your friends so they can also start using it with you while chatting. :)

You can subscribe to our Mailing List and Like our Facebook Fanpage where we would be updating more Emoticons like the ones above.

Hope you liked this article, Now as said above you can share this post and images with your friends on Facebook and let them know about these Emoticons.


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