Facebook Layout for Groups Updated : How to Benefit from It

Today while checking some Facebook groups that am part of, I noticed that Facebook has started displaying member photos on top of the group just above the Facebook group name.

This was indeed a surprise for me as it came without any notification like Facebook Blog post update or anything like that.. Anyways since it has arrived, Lets make the most out of it.

Facebook Group Thumbnail

Facebook Group Thumbnail

What This Facebook Group Layout Update Means for Admins.

If you are an Administrator of a Facebook group then you can have an extra privilege on this new group layout update, You can set a Banner on top of the facebook group.

To Set a Banner:

Step 1. Open your Group.

Step2. Hover over the Profile Image thumbnails and you will get an option to Upload Image.

Step 3. Choose an image with the following Dimensions : 800px X 200px.

Here in this picture, I have set the HackTabs banner for a group that am Admin of.

Hacktabs Banner Group

Hacktabs Banner Group

How Bloggers and Internet Marketers Can Utilize This New Update.

This small update from facebook can mean a lot for Facebook Group Admins who are Internet Marketers,Bloggers or Advertisers. Here is how its done.

  1. Bloggers can promote their Featured Posts with the help of banners, Either you can embed your Blog Post URL in the image or you can Upload the image, Click on the banner and edit the Description to add your URL.
  2. Bloggers can promote their Giveaways using the same method as above.
  3. You can create Interactive Info-graphics (within the Banner size limit) to promote your Products or blogs.
  4. Assign a day of a week where you can allow your Group members to choose an image on their own and feature it for a day to increase interactivity.
  5. If you have a very huge group with lots of noise , you can sell your Banner as an Advert space to advertisers but make sure that the product or service you choose to advertise is highly relevant to your group topic else it will be a BIG fail.
  6. You can even chose to promote your other Fanpages or Services with the help of these banners.

What This Facebook Group Layout Update Means to Members.

This newly updated group layout has an interesting feature, By default if the group admin has not set a banner image for the group then it shows the Photos of its group members in a way such that its sorted on the basis of recent activity. In short if a group member does an activity like Comment on a post then that member’s Profile Picture appears as the first in order and the Image can be clicked to his Timeline.

This means a lot in Social Media as if you are an active member in a group then you are most likely to stay on the top 8 list of the featured profiles. You can use this as an advantage to promote your stuffs.

  1. Modify your Facebook Profile Pic in such a way that it promotes your Product/Service.
  2. Since the images on top of group can be clicked to your timeline, Make sure you update your Profile Info and Cover Image so as it promotes your Product/Service.

Hence the more active you are in a group (now after this layout update) the double your visibility increases among other members. Use it wisely and don’t spam or do unnecessary activities to stay on top.

Share your views on this new layout update, Did you like the update?


  1. says

    Awesome tips Anoop, thanks! I am personally leaving the group pic as is for now because I think it is cool that it shows off group members, so I think that it is great that you mention that group members should use pics that somehow tie in to their business or blog. I also like the idea of promoting giveaways with the photo.

  2. says

    I like the new update. I think, by default members profiles pics are looks better to show members contribution in the group but also this is a way to show creativity and to promote like some people doing on their profile cover.

  3. says

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and Facebook has taken that seriously for its groups.

    This will definitely improve the way group members and admins interact with each other because the setting looks more lively now.

    Of course, the opposite danger of enhancements such as this one is spending too much time out there!

    • says

      I second that, We already spend a lot of Quality time out there on Facebook groups. This will only increase it but lets hope it will be productive to some extent.

  4. says

    I’ve added a custom banner 5 times today, but FB always changes it back to their new rotating profile pics. The first time, my new banner stayed up for about a half-hour. The next 3 times it stayed up for 10-15 minutes. The last time, it only showed up for about 30 seconds before FB changed it back to theirs.

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