Facebook Adds Scheduled Posts for Profiles and Couple of Other Changes

Facebook has been continuously adding helpful features from the past two months, The Trending Articles, Scheduled Posts for Fanpages, Promoted posts etc were a few highlighted ones. This week too, I have noticed some changes which I am going to list below.

Chat Emoticons Helper.

For those who cannot help remembering Chat Emoticons aka Smiley shortcodes, Facebook to the rescue. Although this feature is something that should have launched long back, but its never too late and Now there is something to ease the Facebook new comers. One interesting emoticon which was found a little while back is the popular Facebook ‘Like’ symbol, Which can be brought by typing in ‘(Y)’ (without quotes ofcourse). This is also added to the popup helper. To use the Chat Emoticons follow the screenshots.

Chat Emoticons Helper

Chat Emoticons Helper

More Details in Hover popup on Pages and Profiles.

Remember that Gradient type profile cover area of timeline which was covered by Techcrunch a month back? That was not applied to most of the profiles but has turned out in a new form, When you hover over a Fanpage or Profile link in news feed etc, A popup appears which features the Cover Image, Name of page, Like button and the Total number of likes on the page along with the counter which shows how many of your friends like the page. Thanks to Rohan Sood an awesome Blogger from InTech-BB for notifying me about this change. See the screenshot below.

Nokia Facebook Fanpage

Nokia Facebook Fanpage

Comment Edit and Edit History Option.

Earlier when you commented on a post/photo you got the option to edit the comment within a few seconds by clicking on the X button. Now you can edit your comment anytime after but the drawback is that your previous comment is available as Comment History which can be seen by anyone who reads the comment. Not really a drawback but still some might not prefer it 😉

You need to press the delete icon (X) and choose the Edit option to edit your comment anytime. Then the ‘Edited’ hyperlink appears below the comment which opens up a popup with your previous and the new comment. Check out the screenshot.

Edit Comment and Edit History

Edit Comment and Edit History

Scheduled Posts for Personal Profiles.

Best of all! I personally have not got this feature enabled on my account but my Facebook friend Karla Campos an excellent blogger who blogs at Giglogo.com shared that this feature was active on her personal profile. Though I don’t know much about it as of now but this seems pretty much same as the Facebook Page Post Scheduling feature which we discussed earlier here : Scheduled Posts On Your Facebook Fanpages.

Scheduled post for Facebook Profile

Scheduled post for Facebook Profile

So how many of these are active on your account? Do you see something new on your profile? Tip it to HackTabs at Tips@hacktabs.com.


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