Facebook Voice Feature/Tab – Nothing to Be Excited About

After logging in to my Facebook Account and browsing through the notifications and messages, I looked at the Fanpage Notifications of my Administered pages. I noticed a new Top bar on the Page that said “You are posting,commenting and liking as HackTabs – Change to Anoop Sudhakaran

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Page admins already know that this is an old feature that was earlier embedded in the Dropdown beside Home Button. But this option has popped out of the menu and attaches itself to the Navigation Bar of Facebook.

The option popups out of a new Tab namely ‘Voice’. You can tap on the Voice Button to hide or unhide the notification.

Here is how the feature looks like on the page:

Facebook Voice Feature

Facebook Voice Feature

That was the only function I found of the Voice Tab. But may be it will be integrating more features, Currently its a quick way to switch between your personal profile and page. So if you are a Page commenter who drives traffic and likes by engaging in conversation with other Pages then this option will benefit you to quickly switch.

What do you think will more features be added to Voice Tab?


  1. says

    I think the voice feature might be good for people with disabilities – but overall I don’t think the hype around the new voice feature is worth noticing. Though it’s good to see Facebook at least trying to improve their UI and the experience it offers to users.

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