Find the Best Time to Tweet Then Schedule Your Tweets

Sharing awesome content with your followers is what drives a Twitter profile to success. But sharing them with your followers while they are away will not yield you any good in terms of engagement. Sure, You cannot cater to everyone at the same time because all of them are not online at the same time. But  you can optimize your posting schedule to maximize your tweet’s exposure.

best time to tweet

best time to tweet

Finding the best time to tweet isn’t as hard as you think, There are numerous articles out there all sharing their own experience and generally accepted time periods to tweet. But as you know using someone else’s posting schedule won’t help you much unless you have their exact same followers.

Then there are tools that help you find the best time to post by analyzing the Twitter timeline and predicting the time when most of your followers are online. The problem with many such tools is security. Since these tools require you to connect your Twitter Account to them in order to function, Many of these apps might indulge in malicious activities without your consent (even though Twitter has done a pretty good job at limiting the abilities of Twitter Apps). Hence it is important that you allow only trusted apps to access your Twitter Account (or any account as a matter of fact).

In this article we will be using one such ‘trusted’ tool to find the best time to tweet, It is an app developed by the Moz – A leading marketing blog. The tool is called FollowerWonk, It offers a Free as well as Paid option. For our tutorial, The free plan is enough. So let us get started.

Preparing Your Twitter Tweet Scheduling Tool.

Here we will be setting up your Tweet Scheduling tool which we will be using to post to different Social Networks (but we focus on Twitter in here). We will be using BufferApp for scheduling our Tweets on Twitter. BufferApp is one of the best Scheduling App I have seen, You can also track your social network post’s stats such as number of views it got, number of clicks that the link which was shared with it got and more.

You can configure BufferApp to post to different social networks as many times and at any time you want. We will be utilizing this feature of BufferApp to Tweet to your followers at the best time possible. So let us make an account and add your profiles to BufferApp.

Step 1. Login to Twitter then open BufferApp and create an account, I used the Signup with Email option although you can signin with your Facebook or Twitter accounts too.

Step 2. Verify your Email to get started.

Step 3. Visit the the Profile Connect page on BufferApp by clicking on the + button next to Accounts.

Step 4. Click on Connect button below Twitter (follow @buffer too for interesting updates) and authorize BufferApp to access Twitter.

Leave this page open, We need to work on a small setting again in a few minutes. Before that let us find the best time to tweet.

How to Find the Best Time To Tweet.

Step 1. Visit FollowerWonk and click the big button labelled “Sign in with Twitter“.

Step 2. Authorize FollowerWonk to access your Twitter Account.

Step 3. Visit the Analyze followers tab.

Step 4. Enter your Twitter username and choose ‘analyze their followers‘ then click on ‘Do it‘.

analyze followers followerwonk

analyze followers followerwonk

Step 5. Scroll down and have a look at the “Most active hours of USERNAME’s followers“.

Step 6. Enter the number of times you want to Tweet to your followers per day in the box and click on ‘Schedule at Buffer‘.

schedule at buffer

schedule at buffer

Step 7. Authorize FollowerWonk to access your BufferApp account.

Now you have successfully configured your BufferApp account to automatically tweet your scheduled tweets at the best time to tweet as per your follower analysis. But still there is one little tweak we have to apply.

The Timezone of your Twitter Profile and BufferApp might not be in sync, So you have to manually change your BufferApp’s timezone. So check the Timezone FollowerWonk shows below the active hours chart and then visit BufferApp > Choose your Twitter Account > Schedule Tab. Then in the Schedule Timezone, Enter the timezone that FollowerWonk displayed.

schedule tab bufferapp

schedule tab bufferapp

You can use both the above mentioned resources – BufferApp and FollowerWonk for far more tasks than what I have written in this article. Both of them deserve an upgrade to the paid plan but for beginners you can stay safely in the free plan.

Please feel free to use this article as a test buffer (just click the Buffer button below the title of this article) to schedule in your Twitter Account and Follow me @hacktabs.

What to do next?

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