‘Find Friends Nearby’ – Facebook’s Mobile Feature to Find Friends Near You with GPS

In the last post we talked about Facebook rolling out Desktop Features, Indeed useful ones! For your information mobile users have not been neglected. A useful and sort of creepy feature arrived on the Mobile version of Facebook fresh from Facebook Hackathon. The feature developed by Ryan Patterson along with a co-engineer at Facebook was live on the iOS App of Facebook earlier today followed by other Facebook apps including the Android App for Facebook. The feature was earlier called by the name ‘Friendshake’ while it was developed at Angelhack Hackathon but eventually got named as ‘Find Friends Nearby’ by Facebook.

Although the feature was not announced anywhere officially such as the Facebook Blog (we can expect it soon.. may be its been written at present) but I heard it from TechCrunch(You all know it) ;).

What is ‘Find Friends Nearby’ All About?

Find Friends Nearby uses your Mobile’s GPS system to locate friends near you. It easier to friend someone whom you might meet at a Sports Event, A Live Concert and would like to keep in touch with them. So you don’t have to spell out your Name or Vanity URL to let them find you. Just search nearby you and sort it out from the Profile Pic.

As with Pros, The feature can very well be misused. Imagine a stranger printing out a whole bunch of details about you like your Name,Location and other stuff just by being near you and never getting to know you. That can’t be friendly. So I suggest you use the feature with caution.

I can’t seem to find any privacy settings associated with the feature as of now, But a feature with such a risk of privacy would sure have a bunch rolling out soon.

How to Use ‘Find Friends Nearby’ Feature.

Find Friends Nearby option is available on Facebook’s iOS and Android apps. To access it, Go to Menu > Apps > Find Friends > Other Tools > Find Friends Nearby. The scan is started and people who are nearby you and on the same page will show up on your Screen. I don’t think you would find anyone near you if you are reading this on (25-06-2012) as the feature is yet unknown to 99% of Facebookers without the much needed official announcement and a help guide on Facebook homepage.. (Seriously! Nobody actually visits the Facebook Blog to read about updates)

You can also access the Find Friends Nearby page using this URL : http://fb.com/ffn

Here are some Screenshots on accessing the feature from my Android, Though I couldn’t find anyone near me 😀


Facebook Find Friends Nearby Feature

Facebook Find Friends Nearby Feature

Via TechCrunch

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