Get $5 Amazon App Store Credit for Free and Top Paid Apps to Purchase

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Amazon is in holiday mood and to celebrate Christmas, They are offering $5 Amazon App Store credits to all Android users who are or choose to become a part of the Amazon family.

The procedure to obtain this credit is pretty simple. You can get the credit within 1-2 minutes of reading this article.

Please note that this credit is only available to Android users since it involves installing Amazon Appstore application on your device and connect it to Amazon account. For the complete step by step procedure, Keep reading (and optionally follow us on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons below).

Gaining $5 Amazon Appstore Credits

Step 1. Create an Account on Amazon if you haven’t already.

Step 2. Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ on your Android device by going to Settings > Application or Security > Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ if it isn’t already enabled.

Step 3. Open the browser on your Android and visit this url :

Step 4. Download the ‘AmazonApps-release.apk’ and install it on your device.

Step 5. Open the Amazon Appstore application and sign in with your Amazon Account. It will link your Android device to your Amazon Account.

Step 6. Now just browse the list of applications in the Amazon Appstore and install any (paid or free) app. I suggest you install the “Free app of the day” – Which is a paid app given away for free by Amazon. After you install the application you will get a popup saying the $5 credit will be applied to your account shortly.

Amazon appstore installed

Amazon appstore installed

Things to note:

  1. The offer is valid only till 28th December 2013.
  2. The credits will expire on 3/31/2014.
  3. The credits will be automatically applied on your next purchase from the Amazon Appstore.

Now just wait for the confirmation email in your email account stating that the credits are available for use.

amazon credits delivered

amazon credits delivered

To check the remaining Credits, Just visit any App page and click on the link titled “Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance” in the Buy Now box.

Now that you have received your $5 credit, You might be wondering what apps you can purchase with these. I am in such a dilemma myself but I found a few paid apps worth purchasing. Here is my list of paid apps for android that you can purchase with the free credits you just earned.

Top Paid Apps You Can Purchase with your Free Amazon Credits.

1. SwiftKey – The best Keyboard for Android, Usually worth $4 for normal users but you can use your Amazon credits to buy this for free.

2. OfficeSuite Professional 7 – The complete rich mobile office suite for Android.

3. Polaris Office – Another awesome mobile office suite for Android.

4. My Backup Pro – A great application for backup, Plus the root features makes it awesome. A great alternative for Titanium Backup (which isn’t available on Amazon Appstore unfortunately).

5. SetCPU – The popular CPU & Kernel speed tweaking application.

6. JuiceDefender Ultimate – The battery saving application that really works.

7. Need for Speed Most Wanted – The best racing game for Mobile which is developed by the very awesome Electronic Arts.

8. Modern Combat 4 – A high graphics FPS game from the mobile game leader – Gameloft.

9. GTA Vice City – The essence and originality of the original Grand Theft Auto – Vice City is maintained in this mobile version.

10. Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Another awesome FPS game from Electronic Arts.


While browsing on Amazon Appstore, I accidentally purchased an App with the credits. Without any hope of getting a refund I contacted the Amazon Support Staff via Live Chat and asked for a refund. To my surprise they readily issued a refund without any questions and I got back the full promotional credits back. Amazon support staff is awesome! :)

These were some of the best purchases you can make with your free credits. You should share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and let them redeem this offer.


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