Free 60 Minutes Skype Credit Coupon (Updated 2013)

Free Skype Credits

Free Skype Credits

This time I have come up with a promotional coupon that I came across online. Using this method you can get Free Skype Credits for 60 Minutes Talk. This Promo is conducted by Microsoft and Skype and they are offering the Coupons to users from UK and Ireland. But you can apply a little tweak and make this work for you too. 😉

This tutorial will be short and to the point. So just follow the below steps and get the Coupon, Redeem it and Enjoy.

How To Get Free Skype Credit Coupon.

Step 1. Download this Voucher Generator executable. (Don’t worry this is not another Youtube fake bot) This is direct from Microsoft’s servers. [LINK]

If you are not from UK or Ireland then you will get an Error saying you are not eligible for the promo, In that case we need to apply this little tweak.

Step 2. Open Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Change Location > Administrative Tab. Click on the Change System Locale button.

Step 3. Change the locale to ‘English (United Kingdom)’ and press OK.

Choose English (UK)

Choose English (UK)

Step 4. Restart your System when asked.

I suggest you perform the following steps inside Sandboxie because the App changes your Browser Homepage and stuff.

Step 5. Open the ‘Skype Voucher.exe’ as Administrator.

Step 6. Enter your Email ID in the Box and click on Next.

Enter your Email

Enter your Email

Step 7. Copy your Coupon Code from the next page.

Copy your Code

Copy your Code

Step 8. Open this page [LINK] and redeem your Coupon Code for Free Skype Credits. (Note: First keep your Skype Account Logged in on the browser to make the process of redemption easier)

Step 9. Your account will be recharged with the credits in 10-15 Minutes.

Step 10

Step 10

After this enjoy your calls for free with the Skype. Remember to change back your System Locale to the original after you get the code. Share the page with your friends and get them free Talktime.

Share your comments and tell us if this worked for you! :)


  1. says

    Trust me or not, Me and rest of thousand of our community members took millions of $ from that offer ! of course, by cheating 😀 I think that’s the reason they took it down! but offer still holds only for their Elite customers. To other people – Nothing ! 😀 It’s gone forever guys 😀 but I already get 5000+ Credits because of that stupid system they used to created it. at least they should add a human verification. Stupid company

  2. muneeb says

    So you mean that offer has been finished now?
    But i recharged my account many times after installtion a new windows but from a few days ago it seems like (temporary Unavailble)
    So could you please share me any quick & easy solution for that?

  3. Abdul says

    I’ve tried all steps and also changed the location. Buts the software is not opening its showing that error “Only for UK and Ireland” can you please tell me other method to open this software ???

    Email :

  4. James says

    its not says “sorry, we are unable to complete your request, please try again later’/….
    but i’ve been trying loadss of time

  5. pallav mukherjee says

    i’ve tried everything changed the location and then restarted the system as it was asked but then also after opening the software it opened and then after entering the email id it shows this message “sorry we are unable to complete your request,please try again later ” this error message is comming.
    from 3 days i am trying,is there is any different alternative

    Email : Email hidden to prevent spam

  6. purak chandra says

    i hve tried it but didnt got the code i have tried this process but error message is comming {sorry we are unable to complete your request,please try again later} is there is any alternative,my mail id

  7. says

    Hey guys you can still get free skype coupon on Bing rewards all u need is an US Ip address and login using u r microsoft account and earn points and get free coupons

  8. purak chandra says

    i have tried after installing these software then it is saying that no rewards for this account try again i cant able to get plz help me sir

  9. pallav mukherjee says

    i have tried this bing rewards program and earned points also with us ip, and now i have 103 bing reward points but i cant able to redeem that points as while check out process whenever i am giving us address .area code, zip code it is not taking and again showing that entry form what to plz help me otherwise my points will be wasted my is

  10. says

    this is not work for me i finish follow your step but not work program alert this offers for ireland and uk but i’m live in indonesia. i also finish change my locations and langguage via control panel but not wok,


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