1. Chris says

    This thing is pretty good. I mean, it’s extremely really hard to run across free AND unlimited VPN.

    However, I really, really look forward to CyberGhost’s next premium code giveaway. When do you think the next one will come out, Anoop?

    • says

      Actually I cant comment on when the new Code will arrive, Since its completely on their part to giveaway! But I will surely update this post as soon as I get hold of the new code! :)

  2. pajand says

    i used your vpn and vpn settings that you linked about windows mobile 6.5,but it didn’t work.
    please help me.

    • says

      Possible solutions for the Error 619 can be
      # Firewall/Antivirus conflict, Try temporarily disabling them and connecting.
      # Reinstall all the VPN Configurations after deleting the existing ones.
      # Ensure you are not running any other VPN clients.

  3. says

    Brother Anoop I’m already disabling my firewall in windows 7 and my firewall of my anti-virus and same response when i’m connect to vpn.

    here –>> Connecting to using ‘WAN Miniport (L2TP)’…..

    error 800: the remote connection was not made because the
    attempted VPN tunnels failed. The VPN server might be unreachable.
    If this conncection is attempting to use an L2TP/IPsec tunnel.
    the security parameters required for IPsec negotiation might not be configured properly.

  4. leila says

    Iam really thankful I can not open my facebook and cheak my IDplase give me useename and passeord and tell me how can I use .

    Tank you

  5. man hastam from IRAN says

    thanks for your help Anoop.
    I dont forget your name and your help.
    but i hope your vpn ressive to me.
    thanx lot

  6. bani says

    Anoop i have a question, im in Kosovo, right know and i have used the specification you gave to us how to set up this kind of connection, but when i am trying to load something on hulu website it asks me to sign in, and i cannot sign in with both setting up and address or with facebook, why, please can you help me with this, thanks Man.

  7. Rahul says

    As you said anoop i sent an email to vpnod bt it seems that they are not giving free vpns now,This was their reply
    “We have stopped new registrations to VPN On Demand service, and will contact you once we have it open again.”
    Can you tell me about any other free VPN service here in india,

  8. says

    hi , Anoop ! i did all those thing u said in this post but when i send a free mail to VPNOD s i didnt get any answer !!! i though i should wait for 1 day but i waitet for 3 or 4 days and i didnt get any reply ! plz help me cuz i need vpn 😀

  9. says

    hi , Anoop again !!! u went to that site and downloaded vpnreacor and it want user name and pass for using this !! ut i want free vpn !!!!! 😀 but if its free how can i make it (my user name and pass ) ???!
    plz help meeeee ?!!!
    i need it

  10. mohsen says

    hi.dear anoop.i do your method for give 1account to me,but this act not work and i dont receive account.please send for me manualy.thank

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