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Many people that are using the internet to perform day-to-day business activities believes that they cannot achieve anything if they do not make use of social networking sites like facebook and twitter to market their website to respective prospects. Yes, it is obviously true that you can get the best from your business and networking if you make use of social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

For Example : Some blogger have experienced traffic spikes on their respective website from social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

However, now that those networking sites have become a place where many people think they can get traffic from on daily basis. That reason alone has made the market to become overcrowded and saturated with many offers and the potential of you making way (getting ahead) is becoming slimmer every single day, because you are always offering the same products to the same sets of people on the same platform.

So, what can we do to combat this?  That is exactly where google plus comes in. Google+ is a social networking sites just the same way like that of facebook but very much different from it. It is a social site from the search engine giant, Google Inc. which came into existence about few weeks ago and since then it has took the internet world by storm.

Google+ is full with different stuffs that make it more preferable than facebook and other social networking sites on the internet.

Benefits of Using Google Plus

There are many benefits that you can get from using google plus and some of them are what we shall be talking on in this blog post so that you too can take action to start using the service.

Easy Link Sharing

With google plus, it is very easy for your to share your website links, a thing that which you can’t do easily on facebook. On facebook, to promote your website link to the facebook wall or group or pages requires you to pass through rigorous tasks like filling of captcha and some other verification stuffs that can piss you off. But with the google plus service, you can share any type of links that you think can benefits your circle members and friends because of the power that google gives to its customers (you are one among them).

Ability to Download Your Data to Your PC Easily

Another great benefits of using google plus is the ability to back up your data from the google server at any time you want it without much stress. You can back up everything you had on your google account and google plus wall posts and other data easily. You do not need to pass through stress before you can
be able to do so which is not that easy on facebook.

All your files and other valuable data that you have already save on your googleplus account server are almost available for download. You can use google liberation to backup all your google account profile to your computer hard drive or any other backup spaces for future use. However, you need to have a good security on your computer so that others might not have
access to the information that you save on the computer.


Facebook is very prone to hacking. Anybody can hack through into your facebook account with the number of  tricks prevailing but it is difficult for hackers to hack into your google+ account because it being a fairly new service with not much of exploits known.

So, these are some of the known reasons why google plus will make your networking become a top notch.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Olawale Daniel who blogs about top computer tips on his technology tips and tricks blog. You can get in touch with him on twitter via @coolcash4live.

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