Google Drive “the long awaited rumor” is Now Live.

google drive

google drive

Update: Google Docs storage upped to 5GB and Gmail storage to 10GB.

Google finally made Google Drive official, After years of rumors and over hyped features circulating internet boards.. Google finally made it all happen.

Earlier this day, Google mistakenly (I highly doubt that) leaked the Google Drive details on it French Blog.. Which didn’t stay long but as you expected Blog viewers copied it as soon as it was posted and it was all over the internet within seconds.. Probably this forced Google to officially announce the product today itself. (remember the case with Facebook Desktop Messenger?)

Google drive gives you another reason to throw your stuff on/in the cloud. The service comes with a 5GB free storage to all users and the paid storage plans are as follows:

  • 25GB of space for $2.49 a month.
  • 100GB for $4.99 a month.
  • 1TB for $49.99 a month.
  • Also upgrading to a paid account will expand your Gmail storage to 25GB.

Google Docs is hard coded into Google Drive with functionality in Google Drive that will allow users to work with others in real-time, and includes the ability to share content with others, add and reply to comments, and receive notifications for new comments on documents or files.

Searching for files in Google Drive is simple (ought to! Guess what Google was actually made for?) by entering the keyword you can search for files in the Drive also you can set filters. Another interesting feature is the ability to read text from Scanned docs.

Users can attach photos to Drive to posts in Google+, and will soon be able to attach files from Drive directly to emails in Gmail. Google also says that Drive is an open platform, and that it is working with third-party developers to allow users to “send faxes, edit videos, and create website mockups directly from Drive.”

Google Drive is now available on the following platforms : PC, Mac, Android. iPhones and iPads will be compatible soon.

Download Link for PC.

Although if you are still in the dilemma of moving out of Dropbox for Google Drive just because it offers 3GB extra space, Then you should check this out : Increase Dropbox Storage upto 5GB and more for free.

Google Drive is expected to give a tough competition to Dropbox and Apple iCloud mainly because of these reasons, Google Drive is offering more Free storage than Dropbox and that Google Drive is not a platform exclusive service unlike Apple iCloud which is only for iOS users.

Enjoy Google Drive here : Google Drive.


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    Nice Post Anoop Well I Like it’s Powerful Searching Feature which can recognize the objects in the Images and text in scanned documents.

  2. says

    At last! After months waited to release this rumor people talked about it. I Think that many will avail the prices Google offer because some of them are in cheap price. Thanks for sharing this informational idea.

  3. says

    Many people awaited for this service like as me to be live from Google.Its plus point is that Google is providing 5 GB space for free to try for anyone. It will surely take time in getting switch to Dropbox users to Google Drive users.

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