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Today morning forums and groups were in mixed reactions after they saw that Google Toolbar and other SEO Plugins showing their site’s Google Pagerank to be 0 or N/A. The most trusted PR Checker (Google Toolbar) was also displaying the same error.

After a speculation, Forums and groups came to the conclusion that Google had removed Google Pagerank. Some were rejoicing at the thought while others were doomed! I came to know about the story from a Facebook group I am part of, We exchanged many theories there as to what would be the next measure of a website’s excellence. Some members told Alexa might be considered etc. While we all were sure that Google wont take such a drastic step. But still its not impossible.

After many hours of surfing I came across a twitter tweet from David Naylor, which had the following piece of Golden Nugget! 😉

twitter tweet

twitter tweet

So that was all needed to satisfy me that Google Pagerank is not Dead! They had just changed the URL which queried the Pagerank from systems.

The Old URL Was This –

The New URL Is This –

You can manually check your Pagerank with the above URL by changing the checksum and sitename but there is problem that you cannot find the Checksum of your website effectively. I will soon update the post with any method I find.

UPDATE (07-10-2011)  –

Google Toolbar has started working again but third party apps like SEQ Quake has not yet updated their code, So I will explain how you can edit SEO Quake to suite the new URL

Step 1. Right Click SEO Quake in the status bar of firefox and click Preferences.

Step 2. Choose parameters Tab and click on Pagerank.

Step 3. Click on Edit button.

Step 4. In the [URL_R] change the to and Save it.

Step 5. Start using it and it will display the correct Page Rank.

Till then you can try this method: (Use the above method)

Step 1. Install SEOQuake Plugin.

Step 2. Search your sitename in Google.

Step 3. Right Click the ‘?’ beside your Site PR in the SEOQuake bar.

Step 4. Copy the URL and choose the Checksum from it and use it in the new URL.

Possibly the Google Toolbar has started working again! But third party applications and addons need to update to the new URL to get the Pagerank in their applications.

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  1. says

    Dude how did you know this already? Do you have people working for google?

    I tried the new query and it worked!

    However its very long trying to do it manually i would much rather have it displayed on my seoquake toolbar, how long do you think until they update it?



  2. says

    then when will things go normal again? getting frustrated here seeing that NA in my sites, sigh
    any information when will things be settled up?

  3. says

    Is anyone else getting a permissions error when they try this? (“403 – Your client does not have permission to get URL /tbr?client=navclient-auto…”)

  4. says

    Your tweet button isnt functioning, i tried twitting this but whenever i move my mouse pointer towards it, it wont be highlighted but Digg works fine.

  5. says

    Hello I use SearchStatus | Firefox SEO Toolbar Extension. Current version is not working with PageRank. I have updated the code of version 1.37 and now it is working for me. If there is someone who wants the updated version, I can share it, untill Quirk releases an update.

  6. says

    Thanks on information!
    I use SEO status PageRank/Alexa Toolbar Add-on on Firefox and it doesn’t display PageRank. For now there is no update.

  7. luis fernando says

    Do you know any pagerank client working on firefox with the new update? or any trick for edit&fix extensions with new update? (except Seoquiake, i dont like it)

    Gracias por el excelente post! (;

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