Google Rebrands Android Market as Google Play – Download Google Play Store APK

google play android apk

google play android apk

The mighty Android Market has evolved from just an application corner to cover a wider range of possibilities with new additions after suffering from a Rebrand.

Yesterday i.e 06/03/2012, Google announced that the Android Market has been rebranded and renamed to Google Play. This move has seen a lot of improvements which came from Feedback’s and Suggestions they have been collecting over these years.

The re-branding gives the Android Marketplace a new Logo,Name and URL. The old URL ‘’ is now redirected to ‘’.

With this update, Google wants to stress on the fact that Android Market is not just a pile of apps but can be much more .. infact is much more. Google Play is now a repository of Apps, Books, Music, and Video, Movies and much more.

Moreover, Google Play is not just limited to Android Owners! You can use Google Play even without owning an Android. According to Google,

Google Play is available on any computer with a modern browser at On the web, you can browse and buy books, movies and music. You can read books on the Google Play web reader, listen to music on your computer or watch movies online. Your digital content is all stored in the cloud, so you can access from anywhere using your Google Account. We’ve also created ways to experience your music and books on other platforms such as the Google Books iOS app.”

Quick Look at the Features of Google Play.

Google Play has over 450,000 apps, millions of songs and books, and thousands of movies. Music and Books can be sampled before you go ahead and buy the stuff, App ratings give you a quick review of the app.

Google Play offers Free Cloud for all your Play stuffs like for example you buy a book on your Android phone and you can read it on the web at You buy a new album on your Android tablet and you can listen to it on your desktop. Similarly, You rent a movie online and you can watch it anywhere on your phone. Best of all, You don’t need any special softwares,wires or Syncing.

Share your favorite stuffs via Email, Google+ or an SMS with your friends.

Get personalized Music recommendations based on what you listen to most. And rediscover your library by creating an Instant Mix of your owned music.

Get hundreds of free music on Google Play that gets automatically loaded to your Google Play library without need of any Syncing.

Give your friends a Free Listen when you buy music on Google Play. You can share a free listen with your friends on Google+. And you get a free listen when they share what they’ve bought with you.

Google Play offers over 4 million books to choose from, including millions of free titles which can be accessed anywhere with the cloud.

Buy new stuff easily with Google Wallet integration.

As usual just like the Android Market, Google Play offers over 450,000 Android apps and games for your Android to get charged up.

The updates and remote install features of Android Market have been retained in Google Play as well.

You can Rent/Download movies from Google Play.

Feature Availability.

Currently, all the features of Google Play hasn’t been unlocked in all countries. The following are the current stats.

  • Paid Apps: Available in these countries
  • Movies: Available in US, UK, Canada, and Japan
  • eBooks: Available in US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • Music: Available in US

Google Play Supported Devices and Minimum Requirements.

To run the Google Play android application, Your device must be Android operating system (OS) 2.2 or above. Some Android devices may require an additional system update from the device carrier or manufacturer to get Google Play. You can get the list of supported devices here. [LINK]

How to Get Google Play Application on Your Android.

Google has already started updating android market on some devices to Google Play Store via the OTA (Over The Air) update method.

Anyways, If your device is late to get update and you need it asap on your device, Here we have given the APK file of the Google Play Store v3.4.6.

Download Google Play Store Android Apk : (Credits) UPDATE : APK Updated to 3.4.7

To Install this apk, Download it > Copy it to your SD Card > Select the “Unknown sources” check box under applications settings > Click on the apk on SD Card to start the Installation.

Before installing the Google Play Store Android apk its wise to backup your important data..just in case.. Also check the supported devices list before installing it.


  1. says

    It’s interesting to see Google blurring the lines between work and play!

    Anoop, what do think this will herald for the quality of the stuff being offered in the Android world?

    • says

      This should really benefit the Android world as you can get hold of all your favorite contents at one place and since this is official Android place, Nothing can outweigh Google Play. (My view)

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