Hack Nokia S60v5 to Install Unsigned Applications

Nokia 5230

In Latest Nokia S60v5 phones (like 5230) applications cannot be run (or are in limited mode) without Signing the applications. Here I will show you the methods to Sign the Applications.
Before we move on to Hacking the phone to run unsigned applications the following are the Requirements.


Procedure To Obtain Certificate And Key For Your Phone

  • Create an account on OPDA.
  • Login to your account and click Apply Cer.
  • Fill in the details (to get IMEI dial *#06# on your mobile).
  • Click Submit Application.
  • Now wait for at least 2 hours before your Certificate and Key are processed.
  • After it is processed acquire them.

Procedure To Hack The Phone (With HelloOX2)

  • Download and Install BiNPDA’s Signer in your Memory Card.
  • Copy the Certificate , Key and the HelloOX2 to any folder inside the memory card.
  • Open BiNPDA’s Signer in the mobile.
  • Click Options>Settings.
  • In the settings fill in the Cert and Key by browsing to their location on the mem card.
  • Also add HelloOX2.
  • Click Options>Sign SIS>Go.

Procedure To Hack Phone (Without HelloOX2)

  • Same as above till the 5th Step.
  • Select Add Task.
  • Browse for the Application to be signed.
  • Select Options > Add.
  • From the Menu select Sign SIS.
  • Click Options then Go.

Note:The Signed application will be in the same location as that of the unsigned with a ‘ _‘  letter.


  1. mizbaul says

    bro can u tell me what will happen if i hack my mobile
    does it affect my phone i mean the security restriction will end after hacking and also internet speed will slow down like something please tell if occured this type of problem if i hack plz tell me the lost side of hack a phone i hav nokia 5233 mobile

    my email is sam.sozan1@gmail.com plz email me bro im confused

    • says

      Hi Mizbaul,
      Hacking your Nokia S60 wont slow down your Internet Speed or remove security restrictions!
      Just follow the steps correctly and you are good to go! :)

    • says

      Sorry to say! But OPDA Certificates are no longer available! I will update the post with any information to surpass it.! Stay subscribed.

  2. Md.Ashhar Hashmi says

    hey m new to nokia…………..
    just bought nokia 5233 ………..
    nothng works n it………..(certificate error, contact da supplier)
    i reallllly need to hack my phone , simpliest way……plzzz helo me bro

  3. manu says

    I’ve applied for the certifiate and its been a month showing ‘being produced’
    My phone is nokia 5230 and imei is
    Dude, pls help…

  4. muthu says

    hey nanba when i install rompatcher 3.1 it comes to display as no data.what can i do now?when i restore the norton quarantine hack it says restore failed file already exists..pls give a solution

  5. Raktim says

    hey anoop! is there any other website to obtain certificates for s60 devices???…
    i mean other then OPDA………

    • says

      The best one is listed in the post itself, You can install unsigned applications on your phone. i.e Custom made apps or modified apps can be installed. Plus you can modify system files which uncovers tons of possibilities for modding your phone.

  6. Sree says

    Hey dudes, to hack ur phones jst download norton symbian hack and rompatcher plus. Then open norton and select quarantine list and click restore all. Then open rompatcher and click apply patches and select all……now u can see the blue arrows become green ticks….then ur phone is hacked….enjoy……..

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