Hal_Initialization_Failed Windows 8 Error – Fix

In the previous post on Windows 8 I introduced to you the Original Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO downloads. After you download and install it there is a common error which occurs namely ‘Hal_Initialization_Failed’. The fix for the error is given below.

Since most of us are using a customized and updated Windows 7 or Windows XP, We don’t want to lose them and resort to install windows 8 on a virtual machine so as to test the new Operating System (OS) but keep the existing Operating System working. But since windows 8 is in its Developer Preview Mode, It is filled with tons of bugs and are not compatible with most third party softwares.

The installation error ‘Hal_Initialization_Failed’ while installing windows 8 occurs when we install windows 8 on Virtualization software like Virtual Box¬† or VMware older versions like V7.x.x etc,

The main reason being the incompatibility of windows 8 with the third party software.

The Hal_Initialization_Failed Error Looks Like This.



The above image shows the Popular Blue Screen Of Death also known as BSOD. One of the main modification in windows 8 is that the blue screen of death is more user friendly and shows the problem more accurately.

Given below Are Some of the Possible Fixes for the Hal_Initialization_Failed Error.

Fix #1

Update the VMware Version to the Latest Version 8. Download the Evaluation Version of VMware from here. [LINK]

Fix #2

When using Virtual Box, Make sure you are using the latest version [LINK]. Then set 2 processors and in the initial OS selection choose windows 7 64 bit.

Fix #3

Remove any external media like Floppy Disk, Unwanted USB Media etc.

Fix #4

Check your System Minimum Requirements. [Check Them Here]

These were some of the possible Fixes for the Hal_Initialization_Failed Error in windows 8 installation.


  1. DJ says

    I have esx5, and I am trying to install the preview version as virtual machine there. Is esx5.0 supported, since even with above tips (except 1st) I am getting same HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED.

  2. Jack T says

    I am using Vmware Fusion 3.1 on a Mac & just tried creating a new vm with Windows 8. I got the HAL Initialization Failed error. I tried removing the USB controller, sound, printer functionality, etc – just the bare minimum. It still failed. I also created a VM in vSphere 5 and removed the floppy – same results. I would expect vsphere 5 to support this, but maybe it’s too new. I would consider upgrading my VMware Fusion just so I can play with Windows 8.

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