What Everybody Ought to Know About HostGator – Hostgator Review & Coupon Code

Hostgator Review

Hostgator Review

This is my personal experience with the Hostgator hosting company. First of all just to let you all readers know, HackTabs is hosted on Hostgator hosting and I must say, I have barely experienced any service interruption from the day I started hosting with them.

HostGator’s Hosting Plans.

Just before writing this article, I checked the plans and Hostgator currently provides the following plans to its customers.

  1. Shared Hosting
    • Hatchling Plan
    • Baby Plan
    • Business Plan
  2. Reseller Hosting
    • Aluminum Plan
    • Copper Plan
    • Silver Plan
    • Gold Plan
    • Diamond Plan
  3. VPS Hosting
    • Level 1 to Level 9
  4. Dedicated Hosting Servers
    • Linux Dedicated Servers [4 Plans]
    • Windows Dedicated Servers [4 Plans]

HostGator Services.

Through this review article I would like to show you that there are many excellent services that Hostgator provides which I will be covering in this article, Two of the handpicked best services are:

  1. Free WebHost Transfers with Added Benefits.
  2. Website Builder.

Free WebHost Transfers.

If you are hosting your sites on another webhost that you want to shift from, But are afraid of losing all the personalized settings or experiencing downtime on the site then you need not worry since Hostgator’s team of professionals takes care of each of these problems easily.

Let me show you how,

HackTabs was previously hosted on another webhost and I had to move it to Hostgator to keep up with the increasing visitors (Thanks to you all), before shifting the WebHosts I was worried that I will lose all my files,rankings and valuable visitors. Then I had a chat with the Hostgator Team (24*7 Online Chat) and came to know that they will do all the tough work of migrating Files,Databases & Domains for Free!

I made up my mind and decided to signup with Hostgator. I signed up for the Shared Hosting Plan and asked them instantly to move my host. They responded within 1/2 hour that the process had started (See the email reply from them & note the Date of reply)

Hostgator Review - Hostgator Website Transfer Started Email

Hostgator Review – Hostgator Website Transfer Started Email

I came back to my Gmail account after a couple of hours to find their reply stating that the process had already completed successfully. (Take a look at the email reply and again check the date. They completed the work within a day)

Hostgator Review - Hostgator Website Transfer Completed Email

Hostgator Review – Hostgator Website Transfer Completed Email

I checked my Hostgator Cpanel to find my blog sitting there with all the files and folders intact and the database connected, all of this done within hours.

The Added Benefits Part.

Hostgator provides you a chance to get $50 worth of credits to your hostgator account. It may be in the form of Google Adwords Coupon which you can use to increase your website traffic instantly (Take a look at the circled part of the image above).

In short the transfer services they provide are:

  • Free Domain Transfer!
  • Free File Transfers!
  • Free Database Transfers!
  • Free Script Transfers!

Website Builder

If you are new to website making but wants to make a professional website as soon as possible without all the hard coding stuff, Then hostgator’s Website Builder should be your choice. Though I would recommend using WordPress as the script because of its flexibility.

With Website Builder you can make your website in as simple as 3 Steps

  1. Login to SiteBuilder.
  2. Choose a Template & Add Content.
  3. Publish the Website hosted on your Hostgator hosting.

The next great feature of Hostgator that I would cover in this review is its Cpanel powered hosting.

Cpanel is worlds most used and trusted Site Configuration & Management Software Application. Cpanel provides a whole lot of options that is easy to understand and use. One of the best module of Cpanel is the 1 Click Script installations.

Cpanel contains a module known as Fantastico which can be used to install WordPress Blogs, Forums etc within seconds. If you wish to make a wordpress blog (like HackTabs) but dont know how to get started, Then go to Hostgator’s Fantastico and you can make a blog within 1 Minute Flat.

This is how Hostgator’s Control Panel looks like (Circled one is Fantastico Tool). [Click To Enlarge]

Hostgator Review - Hostgator CPanel Preview

Hostgator Review – Hostgator CPanel Preview

Hostgator Review – Hostgator’s Fantastic Live Support.

It would be an incomplete review if I skip this part of their service. Hostgator’s Live Support will be one of the best you will ever encounter. Unlike other hosts where you have to wait for the Administrator to come online and wait in a Queue to get your doubts resolved, Hostgator provides 24*7 Chat supports to all its customers. The Chat personnels are divided into 3 Categories based on the level of support you need and each of them are trained to guide their client to the best of their knowledge. They are divided into

  • Sales Dept.
  • Billing Dept.
  • Technical Dept.

So you can choose your category and chat with them instantly.

Update : At the time of writing this article, Their service was Top Notch. Though recently I have seen that there is some amount of wait in queue required to chat with them. Usually 1-2 minutes.

How To Get Huge Discounts on HostGator Hosting.

This is a simple process, Just go to Hostgator and choose your Plan (For starters Shared Hosting with a Baby Plan is recommended).

  1. Choose the Plan that suits you, Baby Plan for example.
  2. There are different rates at which the plan can be bought like $6.36 per month or Year wise payment etc. Which ever plan you choose, You can use these coupon codes to get either 25% OFF on all hosting plans or $0.01 for the first month on Shared Hosting.
    Coupon Code : HACKTABS25OFF
  3. Click Order Now.
  4. If you wish to buy new domain name then enter the name and continue with that process (I don’t recommend Hostgator as a Domain Registrar because they are expensive in that area, I suggest Godaddy or Namecheap) else Enter your existing domain name, The HACKTABS25OFF Coupon code and Press Continue to Step 2.

    Step 1 Hostgator Review -  Buying a Hostgator Account

    Step 1 Hostgator Review – Buying a Hostgator Account

  5. Choose the Billing Cycle, Username & a Security Pin (Important). Choose the Payment method (Paypal OR Credit Card) and Take a look at the Order summary. You are charged only $0.01 for 1st Month. That is almost Free Hosting for 1 month all because you used the HACKTABS25OFF Coupon Code.

    Step 2 Hostgator Review -  Buying a Hostgator Account

    Step 2 Hostgator Review – Buying a Hostgator Account

  6. Now Create your account and let it activate, Which wouldn’t take more than 24 hours.

Now you can enjoy the Premium Hostgator Hosting services. Make sure you share this post with those who are in a dilemma of which host to choose and also to help them out, You can send them this Discount Coupon HACKTABS25OFF.

Hope you liked this review of Hostgator services, Share it with other webmasters on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


  1. says

    I also need to shift to Hostgator from my local hosting company from india its really useless for me using the present hosting company for each and every thing i have contact the support team. Hostgator is best hosting company with loads of features. and thanks for the reviewing Anoop.

  2. says

    Hi Anoop,
    There’s one more thing which I would like to ask you Anoop. Did you buy the HG package from Hostgator.com or Hostgator.in. Because both are different. HG.com hosts the data on US based servers while HG.in hosts the data on India based servers (located at Hyderabad). Have you heard of any reviews of Hostgator.in? The traffic on my website is mainly from India and so I prefer to host the website on India based datacenter..

      • Bapi Roy says

        There is difference between Hosgator.com and Hosgator.in. My exprince with Hosgator.in is wrost. They took 7 days to setup my VSP, there bill in worst and response more than worst. After two of my payment of dues they can’t activate my account.

        Than I move to Hostgator.com and every thing is fine.

        Don’t go for Hosgator.in

        • says

          I have heard similar experience about Hostgator.in although the company is same but their data centers are located at different place and the customer support team is also different.

  3. Phillip Cannes says

    Very true. Hostgator is the best and there is nobody who can reach their level or service. I tried a few others but all in vain. Not to forget the discounts i pickup on hostgator every time is use their services

  4. says

    Thanks for your coupon , Planning to take another hosting package from them . Hostgator is the Good hosting company . They provide good network with zero downtime . They will resolve most of my issue by chat support itself .

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