How iPhone Applications Aid in Business Promotion



The basic question that can come to your mind while setting up an iPhone application for your business is that whether such application is beneficial to your company or not. This further depends on the type of audience you are targeting and the functionality that your application can offer.

iPhone development today is considered as one of the core marketing strategies by a number of businesses. Even small and medium businesses are looking out for iPhone developers to create applications to sell their products and services as well as for business promotion. Hence the areas, which were overlooked earlier, are targeted using this technique.

A number of software companies are available which design and develop these applications to suit any business. Expert developers are employed to develop applications to meet your business requirements. It minimizes the development cost to one third of what would have been used for any in-house application development.

iPhone Business Applications

Spreadsheet: This is a popular iPhone business application used now days. It was developed by soft talk. A spreadsheet can be easily opened with the help of XML supported spreadsheet application like excel. Spreadsheets can also be e-mailed to anyone and helps in better business solutions and understanding.

Dropbox iPhone application: By using this application you can share your files with your friends and business associates. Also when you are on the move you can upload any number of files or add them to your favorites. This application adds flexibility to your online storage.

Gee tasks: This application integrates your Google tasks to your phone. This application can work both in online and off line modes. One can edit description and set due dates via this application.

City Index : Are you a trading geek? The trading apps by City Index allows people to place trades and undertake important trading decisions at any time without having to worry about finding a computer.

PDF Reader Pro: This application helps you to make PDF files through built in camera and change font size. With the development of this application you can easily upload and manage your PDF files on the phone.

iPro recorder : Your phone can be converted into a recorder in meetings and  while conducting interviews. This application has three quality settings and can offer upto13 hours of uncompressed recording per GB. It has an adjustable playback speed and can be used while transcribing.

There are thousands of other applications, which can be used in your day-to-day business activities.

“According to the BIA/Kelsey report, mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search by 2016?. This statement solely proves the importance of Mobiles in the Internet world and if you are into Internet promotion of your business then you should surely think of developing an iPhone app that you can give to your visitors/customers.

Launching a new iPhone application requires additional time and preparation. Once the application is developed it needs to be reviewed by Apple before it can be used on the application store. The approval process normally takes a couple of weeks.

You can choose various marketing channels for promoting your iPhone applications. Some good examples of these are promoting it via Facebook profiles with your friends or Facebook Fanpages, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. But make sure you analyze the threats and rewards before developing any iPhone application.

What are your ideas to market an iPhone app? Share it with the readers via your comments.

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