How to Find Your Facebook Profile ID Number

With the advent of facebook Vanity URLs or the Facebook Usernames, The old facebook profile ID has died. But still some applications force the users to search for his/her profile id which had been long forgotten (btw was it ever remembered? 😛 ).

Profile ID are those numeric ids that managed your identity in the facebook world. They were something like “profile.php?id=21xxxxx1221″

The new facebook usernames are more convenient and easy to remember like but as I earlier said, Some applications do need the old facebook profile id number to get working (atleast I have come across such an application)

There is a simple trick to get your old facebook profile id number back, The following simple steps will help you along.

How to Find Your Facebook Profile ID Number.

Step 1. Open a new Tab in your Browser (pretty simple ah? :P)

Step 2. Copy the following URL without quotes “”

Step 3. Paste that URL in your Address Bar and add your Facebook Username after the slash Eg:

Step 4. As shown in the below picture, You will see your Old Profile ID in the column named “id”

facebook username and id

facebook username and id

Step 5. Copy the ID and paste it in whatever application it is needed.

Step 6. The above method accounts for both Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages.

How To Activate Facebook Usernames for Profiles and Pages.

If you have still not activated the Facebook Usernames, Following steps will help you!

Step 1. Open the following URL ‘’

Step 2 (a).  Enter your required Username for the Profile and proceed by checking availability.

Step 2 (b). Choose the page you want Username for and proceed by clicking check availability.

Step 3. If the username is available, Proceed by confirming the username.

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    • says

      Your profile already has Profile Number.. Visit your profile and check the Address Bar of browser.. the profile.php?id=xxxxxx is the profile number. But incase you have created a Username for your account then to find the Profile ID use the above tutorial.

  1. okenwa patrick says

    hello Anoop,i need your help ok,i have never come across this facebook address before,is my first time to see it,but i am having problem logging in to see this person dat have send me his facebook,please can you have me on how to locate this person, is the informations,,,htt;// tell me what to do ok,

  2. says

    didnt work for me. i’m trying to get my vanity fb url back. my daughter created my original business fb page and got the vanity url for it. at the same time, my husband was doing the same thing. we somehow could never get logged back into the fb page withour vanity url and now are stuck. fb wont let us use it on our current fb page. is there any way around this? i tried your noted process to find the old page but it is not showing up. any ideas?

    • says

      I had a look at your Page “Central-Coast-Bride/143722895769″ and got to know that your page doesnt have the Vanity URL (or Username) so I guess you want to associate the page with a Username such as
      So to do that, Go to and Choose your Page from the Dropdown > Enter the desired Username/Vanity URL and Click Check Availability. If its available then you can apply the username.

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