How to Get Back The Old Facebook Chat

Facebook New Chat

Facebook New Chat

Facebook has once again upgraded its chat and for the dismay of its users once again it failed to understand what its users want. But soon users will get accustomed to it as it did for the new Facebook Photo Viewer. :/ The new chat sidebar has more disadvantages than that of advantages.

I personally did not like the new Chat Sidebar due to the following reasons:

Disadvantages of the New Facebook Chat:

  • You have to manually disable the Sidebar Chat every time you login.
  • Shows only a list of people you interact the most even if they are offline.
  • Unordered list of people online and offline. They are not sorted in any manner.

How to Revert to the Old Facebook Chat.

  1. Login to your Facebook Account.
  2. Open a new Tab.
  3. Open this link :
  4. You will get back the old style chat with lists and Online Offline sorted out.

The disadvantage of the above method is that you have to open the Chat in a new tab everytime. There is an easier way for the Lazy 😉 Load it in Firefox Sidebar.

How to Load Old Facebook Chat in Firefox Sidebar.

  1. Open Firefox. Click Bookmarks in the Toolbar (Press Alt in Firefox 5).
  2. Click Organize Bookmarks.
  3. Click New Bookmark and Enter fill in as follows
    • Name : Facebook Chat
    • URL :
    • Check Load this Bookmark in sidebar.
  4. Press Ctrl + B to load the Firefox Sidebar and Click on the Facebook Chat to chat from your sidebar.

[Update 27-07-2011 ] Another Method to Load the Old Facebook Chat.

  1. Install Greasemonkey and restart the browser.
  2. Install this Script. [LINK]
  3. Refresh Facebook Homepage.

[Update 30-07-2011] New Method To Get Back The Old Facebook Chat.

Install the following Addons on your respective browsers.

Instant Hide Button for New Facebook Chat

There is a greasemonkey script to order the chat and display the Hide Button in the new Facebook Chat.

  1. Open Firefox and install the Greasemonkey Add on from Here : [LINK]
  2. Restart Firefox.
  3. Go to this page and Click Install. [LINK]
  4. Refresh Firefox and you will be able to see the Hide Button.

Thats it done, You can now go back and implement the methods.

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  1. says

    Nice one Anoop.I personally didn’t like it and also i didn’t have new group chat facility.
    Gplus is performing better right now from Facebook.

    _Ankit @dohack

  2. grace bauzon- orquin says

    i dont like the new facebook chat, its like confusing 2 days ago, there is no sign if they are idle, and i can see friend w/o green dot, is it means they are friends who are invisible and they juz want to check their homepage, therefore, it lessen the privacy?… and the worst is i what i seen now have some list of friends but i cant distinguish them if they are online, no any signs, then when i hide my side bar, its chatting 0. what will i do to get back the old chat box plsssssssss! do im in trouble with my chat box now?

  3. says

    hey anoop please help me man…m facng prob in facebook home page….frm right side of home page evnts, pokes, connect to frnds has been disappeard…nd frm left side online frnds has been disapperard….plz help me to gt bak d perivs facebook homepage…..

  4. says

    Even this works…..
    Go to:Chrome Settings >> Tools >> Extensions >> Get More Extensions >>.
    In the search box TYPE “Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler”.
    Install the same. Refresh/Restart Facebook.

  5. shenoyjoseph says

    I done this trick on my PC but when i logged in another PC i getting again new Facebook chat can u give permanent solution to get into old Facebook chat

    • says

      The solutions given above are browser dependent. Till now I haven’t been able to find a permanent solution..will Update the post when I get one! :)

  6. quarkrad says

    I’m struggling with this – but would like to get it working. I’m using firefox 9 which is causing me problems because I cannot find a ‘…Check Load this Bookmark in sidebar…’ option. However, I have got a Facebook Sidebar – are you saying that in addition to the list of friends in this Sidebar you can actually do the ‘chatting/typing’ in the sidebar itself?

  7. says

    HOW to Disable sidebar chat in Chrome
    First go to settings and then click on search and type font
    THE change the zoom from wahtever you have mostly 100%
    And increase it by ten %
    this must hide the side bar and show old chat box
    if not increase the %

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