Youtube’s New Layout (Again) – How to Get It Now

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Youtube has had another layout update and this one infact looks good and shows a lot more information about the video and its stats. The layout is not active for everyone but you can get it now with this little trick.

This new youtube layout shows in detail a lot more information about the video and some useful tips for Internet Marketers and Social Media people. The stats show the major events in the Video’s history such as the Keywords which got the video its first views and the place where it got embedded and stuffs, See more in the screenshots below.

New Youtube Layout Homepage

New Youtube Layout Homepage

As you can see this new layout is a bit more bright compared to the old one with Black sidebar. The videos are as usual categorized into different sections based on their topics and demographics.

There are several additions to the Video page which you can recognize from the following screenshots.

New Youtube Layout About Tab

New Youtube Layout About Tab

There are different tabs below the video and above the video descriptions, These tabs contain the Share/About/Stats areas. These have been revamped with features.

New Youtube Layout Share Tab

New Youtube Layout Share Tab

The share tab lets you share the video at a specific time in the video, Earlier you could do that by right clicking the Seek bar at a point and copying the URL at that point, Now its easily accessible and you can now share the favorite part of your video without hassle.

I couldn’t look into the Add To Tab as when logging into your Youtube account, The new layout gets removed. So the rest of them are as follows.

New Youtube Layout Stats Tab 1

New Youtube Layout Stats Tab 1

New Youtube Layout Stats Tab 2

New Youtube Layout Stats Tab 2

The stats tab shows in depth information on the Video since its date of upload. These information include its first referral traffic source, first youtube search keywords, The demographics, engagement and stuffs. This is very useful from a Social Media promoter’s point of view.

The Video viewing page has been revamped to bring in less distraction and a sleek look, On clicking the Guide tab the drop down menu appears with the list of options on Best of Youtube.

New Youtube Layout Click

New Youtube Layout Click

How to Get the New Youtube Layout.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome (doesn’t seem to work in Firefox).

Step 2. Go to

Step 3. Press Ctrl+Shift+J to open up the console.

Step 4. Paste the following code in it and press Enter. The page will reload with the new Layout.

Copy the code from here : [LINK]

Step 5. To remove the new layout just clear your Browsing History+Cache+Cookies (Ctrl+Shift+Del).

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    Oh nice interface but i like the old interface much thanks for this post with snapshots it was helpful for me at least

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