How To Import Facebook Contacts to Twitter (Updated 2013)

Import Facebook Contacts to Twitter

Import Facebook Contacts to Twitter

As you might have tried and known twitter does not feature the import friends from facebook option. According the Facebook they say that they are working on integrating Facebook into twitter. But there might be a long wait for people like us! Hence I will show you a way to import facebook contact (friends) to Twitter.

Before starting these steps, Keep your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Gmail accounts logged in for ease.

Method to Import Facebook Contact to Twitter

Step 1. Make a Yahoo Account (if you dont own one already).

Step 2. Login to your Yahoo Mail account and Go to the Contacts Tab.

Step 3. Click on the Import Contacts and Choose Facebook, Click Okay in the prompt.

Share with Yahoo

Share with Yahoo

Step 4. After that click Done after the Import Successful notification.

Step 5. Now after you are back in the Contacts Tab, Click on the Actions drop down menu and choose Print All, In the Layout choose the ‘Basic View’ and press the Display for Printing button. You will get a list of all the contacts in a single page.

Print all

Print all

Step 6. Next right click the following link and Click on Bookmark this link and place it in your Bookmarks Toolbar.


Thanks to Nick Locascio for creating this Script and Bookmark.

Step 7. Go back to the Print Display page and click on the Bookmark you just created. You will get a Success popup and a file will be asked to save, Save it. Rename the saved file from ‘anyfilename.PART’ (on Firefox) to ‘Facebookcontacts.csv’.

Yahoo Address Book

Yahoo Address Book

Step 8. Go to your Gmail Contacts Tab and Click on Import > Upload the CSV file you made.

Step 9. Now Open Twitter Find Friends page and Search Contacts on Gmail.

Step 10. Follow your Facebook friends on Twitter or Invite those who are not yet using Twitter.

Hope this tutorial helped you import your facebook contacts to twitter. Please share your feedback or Queries via your comments.


  1. Peter says

    doesnt work at all, twitter pretty much cant import anything from yahoo, it? says “0 contacts found”… I created new contact lists and it still doesnt work… any fixes?

  2. MercJamie says

    Worked for me! Thank you so much! Do you know of any way to export FB fan’s contact info? Our page has almost 2000 likes and I’d like to be able to email them all….?

  3. stunomatic says

    Thanks for this guide few changes done by yahoo.

    What I did …

    Export contacts to yahoo then in Yahoo Mail -> Contacts -> Facebook Contacts -> Action -> Print -> CTRL+A select all print contact -> CTRL V Paste list here – Click Extract -> Copy All Arranged contacts to excel and save as .csv file after that import .CSV file to yahoo contacts then all contacts will start showing in Desktop Contact List. After that you can import all contacts in twitter.

    No need for js or complicated stuff.


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