How to Obfuscate Your Email Address to Prevent Spams

Posting your E-Mail address on public boards,Twitter,Facebook attracts spam bots and can lead to severe spamming on your Inbox.There are spam bots which scour the internet searching for E-Mail addresses and then add you to their Mass Mailing lists which will blast you with tons of Affiliate links,Advertisements and other uninteresting stuffs to spoil your day.




But we cannot live in fear of them and never share our E-Mail address – that doesn’t work :( but yeah, you can prevent such occurrences by Obfuscating your E-Mail ID before sharing them on public locations which are visible to both Humans and Non-Humans.

What is Obfuscating?

Wikipedia Definition:

Obfuscation (or beclouding) is the hiding of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, wilfully ambiguous, and harder to interpret.

In simple words you can say that obfuscating your E-Mail ID means sharing them in such a way that only humans can read them.

How to Obfuscate your E-Mail Address.

There is an excellent free online tool which will obfuscate your email address and provide you with a link to your E-Mail address which you can safely share on internet. The link upon clicking will reveal a one click captcha which can only be understood by humans and spam bots won’t be able to see or recognize it.

Step 1. Open Scrim online email obfuscation service. [LINK]

Enter your Email and link

Enter your Email and link

Step 2. Enter in your Email id in the Email field.

Step 3. You can choose a short link to your email that you can customize so you remember it and can easily share it whenever needed. So enter a custom URL or leave it blank to get a random one.

Step 4. Click on protect my email.

Step 5. You will get your customized or random URL to your protected E-Mail address on the next page, When you click on the URL you will be taken to a spam filter captcha which only humans can understand. So click on the correct image from the options to unlock your Email.



Now you can safely share your E-Mail ID to the public without worrying about bot spams. Remember it will only prevent you from automated spams.


  1. says

    This is a nice tool!

    However, even one instance of your email address being picked up by spammers could lead to a flood of unsolicited emails, and tools such as this one cannot undo that.

    More importantly, people who send out spam need to realize why it is a bad thing and stop doing it. They must know there are more friendly means of marketing out there!

  2. DAVIES says

    Enfin!! You’ve given me a way to stop this madness (mine) that’s plaguing me for more than a year ;(

    Tons & tons of emails soliciting me to ” Buy This & Buy That” from unknown affiliate marketers right down to panty hose vendors !!

    Thank you Anoop, you’ve just saved me from running off to Timbuktu.

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