How to Stop Annoying Animated GIFS in Google+

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Stop Animated GIFS in Google Plus

Stop Animated GIFS in Google Plus

Most you have joined Google+ through the Invites that we have sent you or otherwise. When you first logged into Google+ and followed some people, You may have seen many animated gifs which are too funny to stop watching them, Slowly the fun fades as your find it irritating to see them being reshared a 1000 times on your wall. I too was frustrated to find Animated Gifs all over my wall. Now its time to stop them from annoying your Social Life on Google+.

How to Stop Annoying Animated GIFS in Google+

These Animated Gifs can be stopped from the browser with a little trick. The downside of this is that you have to re-enable them whenever you wish to see gifs or any animated image file.

  • How to Stop Annoying Animated GIFS in Mozilla Firefox:
  1. Open a new Tab.
  2. Enter about:config in the address bar (where you type then press Enter.
  3. Accept the warning and proceed.
  4. In the filter type in : animation
  5. Double click the result i.e image.animation_mode.
  6. Where normal is written by default, erase that and type in none.
  7. Thats it now whenever you need to enable GIFS just change none to normal. [NO BROWSER RESTART REQUIRED]
  • How to Stop Annoying Animated GIFS in Internet Explorer:
  1. Open Internet Options from Menu Bar > Tools.
  2. Click Advanced Tab.
  3. Scroll down to Multimedia Category.
  4. Untick Play Animations in Webpages.
  5. Hit OK and Start Browsing.
  • How to Stop Annoying Animated GIFS in Opera Browser:
  1. Open Opera.
  2. Press F12.
  3. Remove the Check from Enable GIF/SVG animation.
  4. Done.

Unfortunate enough that I couldnot find an option to disable it in Chrome & Safari. :(

If any reader wishes to add any other points do so via Comments. Proper credits will be provided! :)

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    • says

      Thank you mark for the link! But this extension when used with Google+ does not load the notifications properly! Hence I did not mention the use.

      • says

        Can you explain more about how the notification don’t open properly when this is installed? I am the developer of this extension and I don’t experience this so I am curious as to what is happening (or not happening) on your system.

        • says

          Hello Terry!
          See the problem is, When we install the extension we have to press Esc to stop the GIF from loading and if you press Esc while the Google+ Page is loading then the notifications dont appear. Its not a problem with the extension but a problem with Google+ that it loads the notifications only after the whole Stream (including the GIF) has been loaded.

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