How to Turn OFF Facebooks Read Receipts “Seen by Xyz”

Facebook had introduced the read receipts on Chats and Facebook Groups, These lets the Message sender/poster to know if their message has been read by the receiver and also by who all, if it was a Group Chat/Group Post.

This is how it looks like:


Facebook Read Receipt

Facebook Read Receipt

This can be good for the sender if they were sending an important announcement sort of thing and would like a confirmation as to who all have seen the message, But can be creepy and inconvenient for the receiver. If you are one of those who would like to prevent facebook from sending the Read Receipts for messages and posts then read on and find how to disable read receipts on facebook.

Although Facebook does not provide an option to turn off the feature, We can however achieve that 😉

The system works with the help of a PHP Script on the Facebook part which tracks if the message has been displayed on the Receivers screen. The exact URL for the script is this :

This script is what we have to block in order to disable facebook from sending the read receipt to the sender. There is no manual coding stuff needed as there is a Plugin/Addon/Extension available for your Browser which blocks the read receipt delivery.

Steps to Turn OFF Facebooks Read Receipts “Seen by Xyz”

Step 1. Open the following Link to install the Extension [LINK].

Step 2. Restart the Browser.

That is it, Now Facebook won’t be sending read receipts to the Message Sender/Poster.



  1. says

    Hello Anoop,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this important information with us. I was not aware of this feature before reading your post. This feature is going to save the time of the sender, who would like to know if his message has been read by the receiver.

    Sanjib Saha

  2. smalltown says

    This filter does NOT work for groups, does anyone know how to create one that works for groups? Or the name of the URL or function that causes group posts to be tracked now?

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